SOLVED: Fragment Ten: Gladitor : The Office of Kemetic Solutions


Thing is, I can’t help myself when it comes to a good old-fashioned mystery.

Did more digging. Found a phone number for Kemetic Solutions, but nobody picks up. Originates to a call center in the midwest. Dead end. But I did get an address for them. Just outside Boston, (they’re legally required to list an address on IRS records, which I requested two weeks ago.)

So I took a little drive this morning.

Place looks like every other corporate office park. Except it’s ironclad. No way in without clearance. Windows are reflective. Not even a wifi signal leaking out of the building. Completely locked down.

I took a couple photos before I was cheerfully encouraged to make an appointment (don’t know how I’d do that) by a voice on a call box.

Got back home and checked the photos.

I mean, yeah, my camera’s a POS, but I don’t know… it’s never done anything like this. Thoughts?


That place looks so clinical. It’s not hard to believe that such a place could be home base for an organization devoted to erasing Magiq. It’s the furthest thing from Magiq I’ve ever seen.

As for the image being screwed up, Magiqal activity would be my first guess. If their mundane security is so ironclad it’s most probable that their Magiqal security is ironclad. That place probably has the magiqal equivalent of the security at Fort Knox.

Wasn’t there a part of a fragment where the recruits, those that were present at the time, received corrupted files that uncorrupted themselves? Maybe this could be related?

Any other thoughts? I’m fairly new and I don’t remember which fragment those files were related to.


Thanks for keeping up the hunt, @Marty.60!

That interference is definitely odd, and intentional. Random interference probably wouldn’t have a 6 pointed star in the middle of it.

Here’s the section of October 11th, 10:18am image 3

And blown up

What else is in there?


Good eye Robert. Call me crazy but are there are letters beside it in that white block - I tried to edit it a bit but the image is tiny - looks like NW?

November 26th, 9:00pm


In the third photo, third line of distortion down there are what look like bits of a map and the letters NW.


Jinx! Owe me a coke!



Second image - K. S (definitely) in the bottom right-ish


K.S. could stand for Kemetic Solutions, I suppose.


Could any of those be like QR codes?


Okay, Kemetism is basically the study of the religion of ancient Egypt (Kemet). There is a long and… illustrious history in this country, especially in New England, of study and research of ancient Egyptian theology and magic (Hermetcism, Thelema), most famously by Aleister Crowley, and the theosophy and spirtualist movements (people like Helena Blavatsky) around the turn of the last century well beyond WWII when it morphed into even darker things that conspiracy theorists obsess about today. A LOT of craziness (as well as interesting ideas) went down in New York and Massachusetts in the early 1900’s. This is all tied in to things like Rosicrucianism, the Order of the Golden Dawn, Ordo Templi Orientis… we are indeed wading into some very deep waters here.


Ancient Egypt, huh? Considering the tetrahedron, I guess we can’t be too surprised.


This looks very similar to the corrupted pages of the first fragment. There’s definitely. August 10, 7:25pm. something there, we just need to find out how to reveal it.


My first thought is that this is a “Well”, like the Morgan Library. We don’t know much about them but what we do know is they are magiq hotspots. As a wise magi once told me, magiq makes technology go nuts.


NW… New Wave?


My first thought was North West, but it could be anything.


Have you December 6th, 7:45pm guys tried overlaying the images on top of each other and seeing if that does anything? So far I’ve just been messing with the brightness and contrast, having seen much of anything new.


As in Gossmere on the compass?


Gossmere are secretly evil confirmed. Pack it up, lads; mystery solved.


Mwahaha, We’re coming for you! XD


@Mike’s got a good point. It looks like the glitching from fragment one. But reading back on it, that glitching was a byproduct of us pushing against whatever’s keeping magic out of this world. This glitching though, has information.

So is the book sending the glitch-info? Or something/someone else?