SOLVED: Fragment Six: The Unknown Illiomancer


Maybe… But the word doesn’t work for briars, i did /skullgolka and nothing has opened


Same, but the magic comes from making the connections of seemingly unrelated things. We might just be missing that last one connection to the map.


Yeah… What do you think it COULD be


Well here’s every place on the map that prominently features an ‘O’ that I could find. If we’re on the right track, it’s one of these. We just need to find a connection between one of these and those numbers.

Oberon’s shield
Ogres Tongue Cape
100 Fathoms
The Lake of the Oreads
Here is Oberon’s Palace
This is Ole Luk-Ole
The Palace of Old King Cole
Oberon Cross
The Other End of Nowhere and Mother Carey’s Haven (Could also be an ‘E’)


Hmmm i dont know, maybe we should keep looking about the coords


What I am trying now… This was all discussed before, I am just bringing it down to here, I am looking into Hebridean Mythology and Folklore (Vanuatu was called New Hebrides) and trying to find any sort of location or name that could give us a vowel. I am with @Robert that we likely need another vowel, and this gives us a potential starting point instead of just throwing out random nouns haha


I think I got it - Undine Bay is both on the map and in Vanuatu


You are gonna get such a high-five that your grandkids will feel it… I don’t care if that made no sense. Thank you!


We did it! Go team! Now to figure out the word


Well if part of it is semi latin then Gallus is a genus of chickens. We could form that with k-u-l-k left over.


@Robert - you so smart. Galluskulk is the solution!


Giving us the next fragment: (no surprise it is more animal pieces)


Fantastic work, Mounties! That wasn’t so bad! :sweat_smile:


I actually helped Wooo!


Whoohoo! Congrats! And yes, more to puzzle!! :wink: