SOLVED: Fragment Six: The Unknown Illiomancer


He is also “mysterious mythic creature of the Sandman”


Yeah, I just saw that you posted that above, sorry if I stepped on your toes a bit

But that does play into the clue that it is a man “on the sands”


And its near the water where the chicken may have gone


If he is the sandman maybe he sent her to nightmare point, or the Sea of dreams?

Yeah, I’ve grasped at all the straws until we were out then went out and bought new straws to grasp at. Here, have a straw!


I am going to slow this down a bit… There are two Ole Luk-Oie’s according to the story… one is a dream God. The other is death.

The Nightmare Point would make sense, as would Sea of Dreams. Is there anything to do with death on the map? I don’t actually know the map too well just yet. At one point the Dream God OL-O looks upon and shows this boy the death OL-O. That is my random thoughts right now.


Ooops didnt see you mentioned the sea, i think that would be likely, Maybe the chicken couldnt see the other land so he sent her to the sea of dreams?


But there is the mouth of Dream Sea going to the whirlpool?


If you go to the other map it leads into the whirlpool from The sea of dreams, Do you think Ole killed her?


I doubt it because the fox definitely dies in the story, and they don’t seem to end up in the same place.

Edit: For criminy’s sake. The Little Mermaid was the answer? I spent all this time looking for a place, not a being. shakes fist

Page 7 now gives us.

S K _ U L G L L K A

Yep, that’s not ‘GOLKA’ at the end now…unless that very last letter is an 'O.

So, 1 clue left.

-17.733251, 168.327325 which points to capital city of Vanuatu, Port Vila. That location probably has something to do with our last location on the map.


Did you see that Little Mermaid was bolded on your post above?


It’s the book. Like King Rabbit, we don’t actually have @The_Book_of_Briars in our system according to Bash, meaning no one is actually logging into that username, and we can’t delete or access it.


Do we have any information on Vanuatu or anything like that? I am still trying to catch up, but wondering what we know and what we don’t know so I am not doing double work


Cant we just guess the alphabet now?


I guess yes, we could just brute force it, but I enjoy trying to figure these out, so I may keep trying to solve this clue


Not a lot. Here’s what I know.

Vanuatu is a South Pacific Island that gained it’s independence in 1980 from British and French colonizers (it’s a messed up system if you read about it).

Vanuatu’s name is derived from the word vanua (“land” or “home”), which occurs in several Austronesian languages, and the word tu (“stand”). (Copied from Wikipedia)

From 1908 to 1980 (so the time this map was created) it was named New Hebrides after the Scottish islands. Those islands have a lot of myths that are on our maps including werewolves and will-o-the-wisps and kelpies. ( I hope it’s not Kelpies cause I’ll have a constenant fit)

Vanuatu’s own mythology isn’t represented on the map very well so it’s hard to find something that ties to the island themselves, but then I said the same thing about Russian Sadko and I was wrong about that.


Alright, If i get it i wont spoil it for you :wink:


The possibility was raised before that the word is scrambled. I’m all for trying the 26 brute force options, but we might need that last letter.


Yeah maybe it is scrambled


Does the word make sense any way you try to unscramble it?


It only has to make a magicalmystical sort of sense… so it won’t be a common name. To @Endri 's earlier point, if this follows the same pattern as the first fragment then this is an animal with a vaguely latin/greek routes.

For the past little bit I’ve been going through a lot of them here and so far not much promising. We can make the root word 'gala or galum; out of these letter which means ‘milk’.

If we rearrange the words to try @reesylou 's idea that part of this word is ‘Golka’ meaning ‘bird demon’. Then we assume the missing letter is ‘o’ and the remaining letters convinently form ‘skull’ which means the fragment could be ‘skullgolka’ I guess.