SOLVED: Fragment Seven: Yule


Most of the time we’re able to find things hidden online/in books, etc. but every once in a while there’s something hidden out there in the big bad world that we have to go find.

Don’t even ask about the Brandon Lachmann fragment. Fetch quests for days.


Guess I can’t help with that one, since, i bet, it’s in the US


Yes, seems at the Morgan Library in New York :slight_smile:


Most of us aren’t in NYC, so we’ll all be watching/waiting. But there will be other things for us to solve together I’m sure.


So which one of us can go there? Because i can’t teleport all the way from Portugal to that magnificent library!


And what are we looking for? (please record your trip)


I don’t think we have any goal there yet. So don’t worry about missing out just yet. Until then something we can certainly do is check out the online materials for the library and see if anything is interesting. Or at the very least know more about it when it becomes important later.


If we do have to go there, we usually have a livestream on Periscope (though now that we aren’t hiding from another group I’d say facebook is just fine). Bash (one of our “top” mountaineers) usually gets the footage for all of us to see after the stream too. Before we had Cole to go fetch things, but he doesn’t want much to do with us, and then we had a lad named H3RM3S and their friend help us out. They also haven’t been very active on the forum. So, basically, we haven’t anybody to go there, not right now anyways. Until we do, lets try and focus on the other aspects of the puzzle, get as much done as possible! Usually we don’t really know what we are looking for exactly. First time we were looking for a small coin shaped object, then we looked inside books for something, then we had to find certain pay phones and do them in a certain order. Honestly we just kind of just look around for anything out of place or different, or follow directions we are given. We’ll likely have that kind of information with time, and as we solve everything. I usually want to know exactly what it is we are looking for, and exactly where it is, but sadly that isn’t really the case! Hopefully that helps a bit @Ricardo I do what I can! :heart:


@TheBellsAreRinging thank you so much for the information, I’m kinda new here and I’m trying to help anyway I can!


Alight. We’re not sure if we’re going to learn anything new from the journals or not. Unfortunately we can’t wait forever to find out. We’ve got these dots, and they must mean something. There are 4 dots, at very clear cardinal directions. Some are inside the great circle, and one

The original triptych had 1, at the SouthEast, inside the circle.

The second triptych, the newly written pages 3 and 4, had 2 dots, both outside the smaller circle (which would be inside if it was on the greater circle). One dot was due West, one at SouthWest.

The final recreate first triptych has 1 dot, clearly outside the great circle set to the NorthWest.


First thing that came to mind is locations in the Morgan Library. I can’t think of much more than that off the top of my head, but I thought brainstorming some ideas is never a bad idea


I played with an idea for a bit the dots were hands on a clock. The inner dots being hour hands. With the dots being at cardinal directions though it seems unlikely,

Edit: Here’s a floorplan of the Morgan Library

There is a Gallery East and a Gallery West. Maybe NW means the north part of the west gallery…or something.


What if we overlay the floorpan with the dots?


That’s a good idea, and I wondered that too. Unfortunately there are no seats along any of the directions. The dots may be indicators of divisions we’re supposed to make between sections, but I’m not sure Sullivan could have set up this years ago knowing in advance how someone one day might set up a perforamance hall. But it’s still worth checking out.


Well this is all I’ve got this weekend.

I’m focusing on the last page of the redone first triptych. This where Sullivan talks about having discovered four of the six primary elements. He also refers to them as the ‘primal materials’.

I’ve found in Tibetan culture there’s the concept of Six Primary Elements. Those being

It’s interesting Cagliostro’s last vision that Laureen told us about involved him/her seeing prayer flags. Those are found a lot in tibet. I’m not sure if that’s a coincidence though. Seems suspicious to me.

What that means, I have no idea.


Well, we have seen that triptych symbol before and we do know of six guilds -


Something about that picture strikes me odd. It seems the same, except for the moon phases. It has an extra moon in the southern bit. The one in the journal only has one. Wonder if that’s significant or just artist’s license.


We are going to solve this thing. @CRSumner - as long as we figure it out, can you make it to Morgan Library on Tuesday when it opens at 10:30 a.m?


Okay, so I tried my best but this is not perfect. Had to blow up the smaller circle to fit on the completed triptych.


I’m really lost with this one