SOLVED: Fragment Seven: Yule




Great find @Ricardo :spy:


Thanks, i also noted those dots but i thought they were aesthetics only. :sweat_smile:


I also noticed the dots and that the floorplan fits nicely into the circles.
If you try to simply lay aech page over the other, the circles do not fit in each other- im not sure if thats intended…so I tried to adjust them until they fit in the final symbol. And then put the floorplan on top.
I thought the dots would maybe point to some of the seats or on the star-constellations which are on the original symbol (which I can not find right now) - But in that way they don´t make any sense to me…

Another random thought - there are 4 dots and we have 4 locations… could that be connected?


I feel like “home” means something, or should mean something. These points are all over the map but he mentions them leading us (her?) home, where he hid the spell he created.


Also, don’t forget that we also have the

18T 586398 4511820 coordinates that are in the floorpan file, these coordinates lead to Grand Central Terminal in New York, USA. I don’t know if this is “home” or anything close to it but it’s worth mentioning.


Plus we need to know what do they mean by “i’ve discovered four of the six elements” what are these elements? And it also claims that “her potential life must be crafted in her true life’s place” So many questions!


The six elements could be related to the six magic guilds (gossamer, flinterforge, etc.) since the triptych looks very similar to the guild compass. How cool would it be if the “fauna” we were looking for was the hippocampus of Ackerly Green?


Good points! New York would also be “home” to the hippocampus (Ackerly Green), to Sullivan, and even Deidre before she was taken to Ireland, which seems to be when he wrote this. And this always seems to come back to the big apple. I just don’t know how China, Hungary, France and the U.K. lead to NYC so maybe ignore me.


Well before he became professionally homeless, Sullivan did travel the world ‘collecting artifacts’ according to his attorney. We might be recreating one of Sullivan’s trips trying to gather things. Much like we recreated Brandon’s final days so we could unravel what happened to him, we may be doing the same for Sullivan and Deidre now.

Edit: To agree with what someone said above Sullivan may have found the ‘four elements’ he needed at these four locations. We are probably recreating the trip he gathered the ingredients for his last big spell. That was likely obvious to everyone before this, but I’m slow today.


Good point. I was hoping to shoehorn in “home” but maybe it’s not as simple as that.


I was playing with the names of the places to see if maybe they were an anagram of some kind. Gansu, Brierly, Mor, Lye That seemed like a bit of a dead end so I just tried putting the names together. When I put Mor and Gansu together (MorGansu) it reminded me of how western words are spoken in Japanese (they use a syllabary so most of the ends of words end with a kind of vowel sound). So that would be Morgan, right? If I put the last two together like LyeBrierly it sort of sounds like library. And there is a Morgan Library in New York. I’ll be honest, it feels like wishful thinking to me, like I’m trying to force a square peg in a round hole, but it may be worth exploring just in case. Thoughts?


Maybe wishful thinking but I’ve seen crazier ideas come true. I think it’s rather clever actually.


I agree, I think it’s really clever


And lest we forget, this wouldn’t be the first time that Library has been touched by Ackerly Green:

If you’re correct that was excellent sleuthing. :slight_smile:


No, not sleuthing, just blind luck. All the coordinates made my head spin so I was just desperately trying to find a clue somewhere else.


Well your post just got bolded by The Book so you’re my hero.


Wow. Awesome job @Mike. Sucks that I will (as usual) miss out on the finding of physical stuff by the sound of it… but keen to see what is discovered next


I feel you @reesylou. #fomo (hashtags are what happen when Captain Endri visits grandparents and gets in the schnapps to survive.)


We have to actually go and find them physically?