SOLVED: Fragment Seven: Yule


I never noticed the misspelling. I was halfway through Of Mice and Men cause it’s the best I could come up with. You so smart! Here’s a copy online.

Interestingly enough, we don’t have a word or hint where to start. No 30U or 34T. Maybe we start from the beginning? Keep your options open.

Edit: If my counts are right we’re looking for.

3rd my
4th my
1st somewhat
4th the
16th of
6th of


Or maybe, since it’s the 4th location we should start on chapter 4?


So I tried starting from the beginning and got this:

3rd my (Line 2: “No, my freind never will I comply with your request till I may be no longer in Danger of again experiencing such dreadful ones”)
4th my (Line 8: “I have suffered the many afflictions of my past Life”)
1st somewhat (Line 15: “softened and somewhat impaired by the Misfortunes I have undergone”)
4th the (Line 4: “the cruel Persecutions of obstinate Fathers”
16th of (Line 12: “natural Daughter of a Scotch Peer by an italian Opera-girl”)
6th of (Line 5: “obstinate Fathers, surely it must be at such a time of Life”)

I don’t think it’s a start from the beginning thing? Unless I’m doing this wrong? But the format of the book is kind of odd, maybe there’s a hint to what letter it’ll start with.


Well here’s what I’ve been doing so far, and remember that may not work here. First I took the first 3 letters of the story and broke it up to 1 line per word. It makes counting easier.

LAFChpt123 (3.0 KB)

Second, I just count from our starting place (here I’m randomly guessing it’s the start of the story) and count. Using the above file, I get.

Counts from the start
3rd my: 30
4th my: 156
1st somewhat: 291
4th the: 128
16th of: 273
6th of: 98

Giving numbers of 30 156 291 128 273 and 98.

So far the only useful thing I can find to do with those is map them to.

30.156291S, 128.27398E

Which plants me in the middle of the Great Victoria Desert Nature Reserve in Austrailia. But I’m not feeling that too strongly.


I started with the fourth “letter” (chapter) and got:

3rd my - 156
4th my - 179
1st somewhat - 366
4th the - 83
16th of - 192
6th of -119

These could very well be wrong (and my numbers have frequently been wrong through this fragment). But what’s interesting about not giving us a starting letter, is it isn’t giving us a start to the UTM coordinates. Maybe we are looking for a whole new coordinate system?


Okay, so waaaay out of the loop, and not sure if any of the other pages have been numbered, but the page labeled triptych2 on the Cagliostro website has strange page numbers, a T and a 31

Could that mean start with the 31st T?


She’s been back three hours and is already more observant than us again… Yes, that’s probably what it means! Okay, do over.


Okay, with this new information, I got:

3rd my - 38
4th my - 45
1st somewhat - 12
4th the - 52
16th of - 314
6th of - 96

31T 384512 5231496

And got Lye, France.

EDIT: Just noticed at least one hyphen. These could be wrong


Turns out the hyphens made a minimal difference… and the book bolded it anyway


Yeah my counts matched yours except for the 16th of, and that’s just because my file didn’t go that far and I was lazy. Nice job, everyone!


Alright, so I guess now might be a good time to do sort of a recap post:

The four locations we got from the clues SG left are:

Gansu, China (Wuwei)(“streets”, 48S 286579 4210063)
Brierly, England (“unwonted”, 30U 607132 5939617)
Mor, Hungary (“the”, 34T 289266 5250283)
Lye, France (“the”, 31T 384512 5231496)

I included what the start word was, and the corresponding UTM coordinates for each word). The 4th location is supposed to be “home”, I think? I hope I am reading his last clue right. Now it seems we need to figure out what to do with these locations.

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong


For the visually inclined


This is MUCH easier to see than my Google Earth. Silly spherical shape of the Earth. I feel like this wouldn’t be a problem if we still believed the Earth is flat :smirk:


Heh. Well the only thing my primitive monkey brain can think of right now it to average out the coordinates to find a theortical ‘middle’ . If you take all the lat longs and find the average of them you get a position of.

36 T 286713 5159097
46.55159°N 30.21767°E
Elevation= 99.7m

Which is outside of Odessa in Ukraine.


I feel like I’m mostly caught up on this fragment but I don’t know if I’m missing… Do we know what we’re looking for? Sully mentioned a book. Have I missed details about it? I tried to dig it up on my own but couldn’t find anything else.


In the short term do we know what we’re looking for? Not entirely. Sullivan has us following him to various points on the globe for some reason.

The book he’s referring to hiding is from Deidre is, I assumed, the Book of Briars, but that’s purely a guess on my part. Maybe it’s another journal.

In the long term the 7th fragment should be an animal. We believe this is the ‘fauna’ key we’re working on. It probably has a semi latin name. As Brachursis was vaguely bear-like (ursis/ursine) and Gallaskulk was vaguely chicken like (gallus). That’s the big end goal anyway.


I guess we need to wait for more some more information to pop up, because we have no idea what we are chasing in this fragment!


Maybe someone mentioned this but I also noticed a few green dots around the triptychs. I wonder why they are there.

Also, I wonder if Cags is watching us and we just helped them find the “final piece” - though that’s not to say they didn’t figure it out on their own.


I think there was a 4th we missed. I was reading all of Lauren’s emails and she says “I checked the journal. I noticed a new mark on the outer pages… (I’ve updated the index) so I opened the “triptych” and two new passages have appeared along with a new symbol.”

Did anyone catch where that mark was before the pages changed?


Maybe the ones i posted in the other forum?