SOLVED: Fragment Seven: Yule


I made it two separate words. I think the only thing I really didn’t make two words was things like t’morrow. Anything hyphenated became two,


It was bolded, no need for me to do this. Now on to “Wild”, something to keep in mind about the hyphens moving forward


I think I have been able to cross out two stories off our list:
The Outdoor Girls at Wild Rose Lodge
In Wild Rose Time

As far as I could see, neither has the word “led” in it. (I hope I am not wrong and leading us astray :confounded:)


This would be pretty funny if it turned out we need a copy of The Wolf and The Wild to solve this.


I messed up my first counting of Call of the Wild. I missed a hyphen. Redoing it I get.

30th U: “unwonted” line 3118
2nd not: line 3178 : 60
1st led: line 3189 : 71
1st he: line 3150 : 32
3rd was: line 3177 : 59
2nd called:line 3514 : 396
1st be: line 3135 : 17

30U 607132 5939617

Which is near the corner of Church St and Church Dr, near the Anglican Church of Saint Paul Brierley

Which is in the town of Brierley h in the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley in South Yorkshire, England


I’m going to try the The Nightingale and the Rose

EDIT: dead end, not enough words that start with U


Well it looks like our first three locations are:

A Study in Scarlet -> Gansu, China

Call of the Wild -> Brierley, England

Red Badge of Courage -> Mor, Hungary

It seems like we have one more to go then ‘it’s waiting for you there’. Whatever that means.


I guess we are only one step away


Wow. Well done guys… stuff always happens while I am asleep… maybe I should sleep all the time :stuck_out_tongue:


So… What now? We wait?


And monitor the email and file share


Yes, wait, but it’s always a good time to step back and look at the forest rather than the trees. For example, why are we finding these locations? In the Fragment 6 we found locations that each gave us a letter to the name of the fragment. In Fragment 2 we found locations that when drawn a map found a midpoint that gave us a 5th.

Do these locations have something in common? Do they point somewhere? Since when does Sullivan care about places in Hungary or China? Was he there? Will finding this last location actually allow us to get through to Deidre? Will it allow her to see more of the truth? Will Deridre and Cole find happiness? Will Billy ever walk again? What’s the deal with the human appendix?

You know…questions man… questions.


And is there anything we can do with the (suspiciously unused so far) guest RSVP list now that we have a floor plan?


It’s quite possible that once we have a fourth location, we draw lines between them just like we did with the beacons of fragment 4 (triplet’s bridge) and see where they intersect. I believe @AlisonB also did this toward the end of the King Rabbit puzzles to find a grave, so it seems like a likely solution. Though it will most likely be a bit more difficult since we’re looking at the entire planet rather than just a city.


I am already throwing them onto my Google Earth so when we get the last location, I can play around with them to see if I can make something work


Speak of the devil…

You’ve all been very busy!


We’ve missed you @AlisonB!

Just in time! The tryptich has updated with the circles now becoming a very familiar symbol to us. And we have a new story to unearth and comb through!


With a message

You asked me about my sister once. You must’ve known…

We visited my aunt and uncle in Virgina when I was eight. Jen and I spent every day playing in the woods around their house. On the last day there we were playing hide and seek and I got lost. I couldn’t find her and I couldn’t find my way back to the house. I wandered the woods until it started getting dark. The woods looked unfamiliar. And even though I screamed for help, no one came. And then it started snowing. I spent the night out there, alone, in the cold. I thought I was going to die.

The next morning I tried to backtrack, tried to imagine where I got lost. But I couldn’t find my way out. Couldn’t find where my sister was. And then I realized I could see through her eyes. I could hear my screams through her ears. She was looking for me too. And she was hurt. She was scared. I could feel it. Her cheeks were burning, her hands were frozen. I could feel them like they were mine. And then I realized I could move them just like I could move my own. I brought her to me, following my own voice. I didn’t know what I was doing. I was scared and cold and wanted my sister.

It took hours but she finally found me. She was hurt. But I think I was the one who hurt her. There was blood everywhere. I broke her. I let her mind go and she collapsed. She was never Jen again.

A search party found us the next night. I lied about Jen. I said she fell. They said I was a hero for keeping my sister safe and warm in the snowstorm.

I started believing what everyone told me. That it wasn’t my fault. That I saved her life. I forgot about what I did. What I was capable of doing. Almost forgot, I guess. But it’s true. I was able to touch the veil even before I met you. What kind of life would I have lived without you?

The journal changed again. More marks inside the triptych and now the front has a symbol that I’ve seen in the brachursis materials. I want to figure it out but I have to admit all I can think about is what you told me. This can’t be the end of you, of us. You woke me up. How can I live with the blindfold only half off? There has to be another way. You have so much power, how can they control you? We can figure something out together. Please write me back.

Yours faithfully,



Interesting. Friendship is spelt wrong, intentionally I’m sure

Maybe this -


Most likely, let’s start!