SOLVED: Fragment Seven: Yule


And the books are in locked cabinets.


You wouldn’t happen to have a key? lol

So what are we supposed to do…hmm


Or a lock pick @Kelsey


Just asked, you can’t check any of this out, even reference materials are only for looking at while you’re there and by appt. only.

If I find the book I’m gonna have to break it out and steal it.


Oooo, committing a crime. Nice.

Don’t get caught.


Can you ask someone for the book?


Maybe you just need to look at it for a bit


What kind of order are the books in?

See anything else hexagonal or dot-ish?


Cags said:

The books are calling out. The walls are drenched in magimystic energy. It’s beautiful but will prove finding the book challenging. Continue marking the perimeter then move toward the older building. The study. It’s more chaotic but stronger there.

I think Cole is in that older area.


The skylights are octagons. Crap. Okay.


Damn shapes. Check Mr. Morgan’s Study and the Librarian’s Office?


Asked the concierge guy. He told me to check the reference desk. In line now.


Our leverage is that we know the book we are looking for


Not listed. SG must’ve just hid it… Just gonna start reading spines. Starting in Study.


Just look out for a potential mystical threat in the form of a young lady who may try to sense magic


Call of The Wild is in here. One of the books in the puzzle…


Just keep looking around there


A Study in Scarlet

Red Badge of Courage

Love and Freindship

Call of the Wild

Can you find these - maybe their locations make a hexagon or correspond to the dots?


And I’m in the STUDY. Is that a thing?


According to the pictures I see the study is very red