SOLVED: Fragment Seven: Yule


If I could like this 82,193,682 times, I would


Good flipping job guys, u disregarded her blog during my reaserch! Happy no one else did! Let’s find this bloody book


In line. Which means Lauren is too.


Actually, since we know what we are looking for and what Lauren is looking for, shouldn’t Cole wait for her to get the book and confront her?


Let’s not confront and piss off the mind controlling, flying, angry woman just now. I did that once in college and it was NOT a good idea.


Good luck Cole. We have the leg up on her since we know the title and that it’s an AG book.


I don’t really want to confront the woman who grew wings and can kill people with her mind.


Line’s moving. Will start recording when inside…


No way, I had the same experience… Same woman? :wink:


I think I see where you’re coming from @CRSumner


I’m in the subway right when the fun is starting


I can’t stream. Can’t shoot video. They just told me to put the Periscope down. I don’t know why but NOW I’m really nervous.


I don’t wanna get kicked out so I’m gonna keep the forum up and text there when I’m stuck or made progress. If Lauren messages Cags let me know.


Laureen sent an email saying she’s inside and asking if Cags can sense anything.


Good plan. Sucks about no streaming, but c’est la vie. We are all here with you.

I think the best place to start would be Mr. Morgan’s area, through the courtyard to the right.


Cags responded to Lauren:

I’ve performed an echo incantation. Move around the library’s inside perimeter, it will help me “see” the space’s magimystic hotspots via your energy.

Good news - we are only working against a powerful magician.


It’s okay @Kelsey We’ve got you!


Guys, this place is huge.


Anything you need, just ask @CRSumner


That’s…not good lol

Look for hexagonal things?