SOLVED: Fragment Seven: Yule


Here are the only 2 real pictures I can fin, but they cover most of the room.


Freindship or our Seven Cradle Songs?




Take it. Run. Go. Need 20 characters before it will let me reply.


Locked. There’s a person in here and other tourists


I will have to break it open


We need Laureen’s unclasping spell. Dangit

Cole, is there a fire alarm or something to pull? Want me to phone in a bomb threat? I’m easy.


Maybe try saying alohomora?


So @CRSumner has to wait for her anyway?


If you see a girl who may or may not be using an echo location spell (she may look like a bat)… hit her with a chair or something… WWE style

(I am kidding… kind of)


Waiting for room to thin out. Gonna use chair I guess.



Someone else is looking for the book, Lauren. They are in the library with you.


The eastern side


Hurry Cole. Hurry hurry hurry. No pressure but…hurry


Cole, there is a tiny tiny chance you might have a face off with a really scary woman. HURRY! You


Lauren is now asking:

Man or woman?

Cags says

Uncertain. I can’t make out any detail.


Cole - she is COMING. Cags just told her you are in the study!!


Okay. Putting phone away. Going to break this shit open. Will text when out.


Good luck.

This is so nerve wracking (and I’m not the one having to steal or flee from a magic woman)


Get the chair ready!! Do you know any good moves? When all else fails the "Hey Look Over There and Run the other way " move works great.

Again, I kid. I overcompensate for my scaredness with corny humour. Please be careful.


If she comes right at you, just drop your pants and take advantage of her confusion to RKO that woman out