SOLVED: Fragment Seven: Yule


Well this is all I’ve got this weekend.

I’m focusing on the last page of the redone first triptych. This where Sullivan talks about having discovered four of the six primary elements. He also refers to them as the ‘primal materials’.

I’ve found in Tibetan culture there’s the concept of Six Primary Elements. Those being

It’s interesting Cagliostro’s last vision that Laureen told us about involved him/her seeing prayer flags. Those are found a lot in tibet. I’m not sure if that’s a coincidence though. Seems suspicious to me.

What that means, I have no idea.


Well, we have seen that triptych symbol before and we do know of six guilds -


Something about that picture strikes me odd. It seems the same, except for the moon phases. It has an extra moon in the southern bit. The one in the journal only has one. Wonder if that’s significant or just artist’s license.


We are going to solve this thing. @CRSumner - as long as we figure it out, can you make it to Morgan Library on Tuesday when it opens at 10:30 a.m?


Okay, so I tried my best but this is not perfect. Had to blow up the smaller circle to fit on the completed triptych.


I’m really lost with this one


I already took the day off. I’ll be there when they open. I just hope you guys figure out what I’m looking for and she doesn’t find it before me.


@Leigha if we wanted to send in your word yobthe book. Could you?

And to everyone. Should we? Seems like the best time for a hint I can think of.


You know what looking at those dots on the seal looks like to me? A dart board. I’ll have to brush up on my rules for scoring darts but it looks like 2 in the middle band, one in the outer and one on the s n all space between them which I think is extra. Maybe the point values go to call numbers or something whacky like that. I’ll play with it when Imy in front of a co.outer again tomorrow.


I feel like maybe the last part that Cags shipped is what we will need. It is arriving Tuesday - so perhaps Tuesday morning and we can solve it before Cole goes to the library? I’m not sure but I feel like we don’t have enough information yet.


@Robert The darts theory is interesting, and probably worth exploring since we don’t have much else to go on right now. And as far the magimystical word, I am hesitant because we may just be missing information which could be coming on Tuesday. Which would kind of be a bummer to use a word for that.

I have been thinking about this all weekend, and all it has led me to is wanting to beat my head against a wall. I am with the majority that we may not have all of the facts quite yet. I plan to spend a good chunk of tomorrow trying different things, and seeing if I can make heads or tails and seeing if maybe we are missing something or a lead somewhere


Good Magimystical Monday Morning, Mountaineers.

Random brainstorming ideas on the dots.

  1. The dots could be indicators of lines of the text of the triptychs that are significant. Perhaps the side the dot is on left/right means which line. Maybe the position of the dot from innermost to outermost represents the word?

For the record the 4 lines next to dots are:

the curtain and being a

led to its surface, how

to touch it back? All

The light of my my my

I like this theory myself because it uses the fact these are triptychs and takes the whole image into account. So far the fact they are triptychs hasn’t played much of a role at all in this puzzle other than the door imagery. This satisifies my need for loose ends to tie together nicely.

I dislike the theory cause those lines of text don’t seem to go together.

  1. Maybe the Morgan Library has a rose compass, famous artsy clock or something shaped like one? Maybe the cardinal directions indicate things to look at pointed in those directions, or places on the compass to touch?

  2. My dartboard theory seems pretty doa in practice. Was worth a shot anyway.

Edit: Or we could be drastically overthinking all of this. It looks like the Morgan Library has copies, in some cases first edition copies, of each of the books we’ve looked through. Maybe this is a simple case of finding the books like it was with Brandon?

A Study in Scarlet,2&Search_Arg=study%20in%20scarlet&Search_Code=GKEY^&CNT=50&PID=CnBAm-vXM1tNRAsD761UphIEtWxm0&SEQ=20170123094135&SID=3

Red Badge of Courage,7&Search_Arg=red%20badge&Search_Code=GKEY^&CNT=50&PID=jvGTdXXm-16F6tvUCb5wTAWqfcHh8&SEQ=20170123094230&SID=4

Love and Freindship,1&Search_Arg=freindship&Search_Code=GKEY^&CNT=50&PID=oUNK8W219Tq_YoM5ceCkcwXgzn-c3&SEQ=20170123094339&SID=5

Call of the Wild,2&Search_Arg=call%20of%20the%20wild&Search_Code=GKEY^&CNT=50&PID=0EUD7qeYP4H72x1LrMG7XP9H61vRs&SEQ=20170123094455&SID=6


I think there’s a good chance that it will be similar to the library search for the Glass Report with Brandon. We’ll need to monitor the email tomorrow and it could be that the relevance of the dots won’t become apparent until then.


@Robert if you need my word I’d it’s all yours. Do you still want to use it?


New email

That’s where he hid the spell. Right here in the city.

It’s closed until Tuesday. I tried to break in but nothing worked, immaterial doorway, unclasping, nothing. Why?


So far the majority opinion seems to be we will get more info tomorrow. I guess we will wait til then to decide to use the word or not. Thank you for checking in thoug!


Oh here we go people, some more information that could help us figure out what to do next:

I wasn’t going to bother you with this but new pages appeared this morning in the journal and I can’t make heads or tails of them.

I wish I knew what I was looking for tomorrow, but I won’t leave until i find it.

It’s raining where you are. Doesn’t help your mood. It’s about to start here too. Is it the same storm?



New DG Post: The Door - Part Three

Good find.

So, questions and observations.


What is the sacred shape? The only 3 points we know are Philadelphia, Montreal and Central Park. Can we divine a shape from these?

Edit: Doesn’t seem so. We only have 1 line from Philly to Montreal.

Who were Sullivan’s friends? This is the first we’ve heard of them. We have names, Ishi, Colby and Mendelssohn. Are any of those names significant?

“What my mother used to call a lullaby”. That seems like an odd non sequitor. Is it important?


The 94 Mountaineers were ‘blown to the six corners’. Anyone else get the impression we’re about to find out what happened to them?


Cags replied

He was a clever practitioner. Hiding yourself (or someone else, in his case) from magimystic energy is like trying to keep out air itself. Even in our greatly diminished world, magimystic energy sticks to things, creeps through cracks…

It seems he was trying to create an airlock against magic by warping it around a person. Making it ignore them and they it. The grounding hex is an ancient spell, meant to regulate the energy he was attempting to summon and bend to his will.

The loft is at the center of a grounding hex of my own making. I have several around the world. They are useful when you are experimenting with spells that manipulate primal energies.

If he was successful he was wise to hide the incantation in the Morgan.


“This isn’t a normal spell. But she isn’t a normal girl.” Is he referring to Deidre here? If Sullivan created an “airlock” around Deidre, that would go toward explaining how none of us have been able to contact her (with Cole being the obvious–and mysterious–exception).

I also find it interesting that Ishi will “face” Montreal from Philadelphia. So finding the other locations may only be part of it. We may have to figure which location each of them is facing as well.