SOLVED: Fragment Nine: Galifanx


I feel like the answer is so obvious and we’re just missing something super simple.


So when you put the pages side by side, they look like this. Maybe there’s something going on with the specific location of everything in the other circles that we need to pick up on???


Does it have anything to do with the last couple of lines on page 4? “I find a berm beneath the dark, open sky. And I see what no else will look up to see.” The last line is close to “what sees what we cannot”…


As far as Chandra -
What sees what we cannot? Yes, X-Rays
A giant? Yes, " He is seen as a celestial bull, a bird, a giant rising from the waters, the lord of plants, and as an embryo."
A Titan? Not sure I’m finding anything. Mercury isn’t a Titan. >.<
A dragon? Not that I could find, but he did confront a dragon?
And all great light combined? Maybe? They’re a lunar diety…


The Hindu God synonymous with Chandra is Soma.


The dragon part is what keeps me going back to Draco or Hydra. Unless there’s another major dragon astronomy thing that I’m forgetting.


Also process of elimination, the symbols for Mars, Uranus, and Venus haven’t been used. Not to say that they will or that another won’t repeat.


Yeah, the dragon really complicates things :sweat:, but I feel like it’s gonna lead us to the right answer.


Going back to Ares, Draco, and Orion, we get the planet Mars via Ares. Mars is also associated with Scorpius, which houses the Chinese dragon tail so there’s another dragon. Titans pointed towards Saturn, Pluto, and Crius. Crius translates to ram even though he’s not really associated with Ares per se. And the Harvard Telescope could presumably see all three constellations because it’s in the Northern Hemisphere.
I think that’s the most connected we got everything.
The more I think about the “what sees what we cannot” line, the less I think it’s about black holes. I feel like that’s too modern compared to where all the other clues have pointed.


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and those look like constellations in the cricles as well as the letters and symbols


I agree that it looks like there could be constellations in the circles. I tried to see if any of them matched up with the constellations in the new logo that was brought up earlier, but either my eyes are too tired or they just don’t match.


As usual I was asleep while all this great stuff happened :wink:
Now I looked at the “giant, titan, dragon” part as well.
The only two dragon like figures in greek mythology I could find now are Ladon and Typhon but i don´t think they fit the rest of the description.

I like the idea of a telescope with a fitting name, so I looked throught this list:

The only one vaguely fitting would be Odin, who at least is the son of a giant and can see the future… but I think thats to far fetched.


WOW!! I miss one day and all of this happens :unamused:
Just caught up with it all, gonna see what I can do to help.


good on you fellow ebenguardian.

this shall be interesting.


So what do all the answers thus far have in common?


I don’t remember if this has been mentioned, but another clue could be coming from the email that was sent out, which says,

Starward reaching, mountain bound.
Heaven knows a fragment’s found.

Will you solve it? Win the prize?
Your fate is written in the skies.

I don’t know about y’all, but that sure sounds to me like a telescope of some kind, reaching for the stars yet still bound to the earth, but can still see our fate “written in the skies.”


Almagest - Mathematical and astronomical treatise
Prime meridien - Part of a geographical cooordinate system for keeping time and mapping locations
Eris - A planet that is no longer a planet
Ballochroy - The site of an ancient stone circle, used for astronomical timekeeping, among other things
Aquarius - The 11th constellation in the Zodiac
So Astronomy/Astrology and timekeeping. But we already knew that. Maybe there’s more to it?


I don’t know if this has been said but there is a constellation that represents the telescope - telescopium -


I said that eariler, it’s the modern latin translation of telescope. It’s hasn’t been bolded so.


Oh my goodness, all this happened while I was gone? Goodness me! A girl can’t even sleep around here!
Anyways, looking through all this I can only think of maybe the constellation Octans?
I don’t know much about the constellations around it, but apparently an Octant is used to figure out your position on the earth? I was used to figure out the position of polaris or something like that.
Could also be Sextant. Here’s some information I found about something called “The Hydra Region” which mentions some stuff about Sextant, as well as Hydra (of course). Could be completely meaningless and useless and have nothing to do with this stuff, but hopefully it’ll do something.
Some extra thoughts: maybe we aren’t necessarily looking for a giant or a titan? I mean, they kind of both mean something big. We could just be looking for an extremely large constellation. But also maybe not. Just throwing around ideas