SOLVED: Fragment Nine: Galifanx


I’ll explain the method to my madness so someone else can try since I have a killer headache and have run out of ideas.

I’ll be using Mercury as the example:

Step one - take Mercury’s piece (the one with the symbol for Mercury)

Step two - Go to the first letter, aka M, and line up the symbol with the letter. That will give you CO and RV on the outer and S on the inner.

Go through and find the letter that corresponds with the last hole. In this case, it’s the letter C. Again, line up with symbol with the letter. This will give you U.

Now you have CO, RV, S, U. Start in the top right of the most outer ring, going clockwise. You will get: CORVUS - as the U comes before the S. Make sense?

This method falls apart with the other ones that I have answer for - Neptune and Earth. But I get the letters the same way, and then anagram them out to get Vulpecula and Lepus respectively.

My other letters for reference are:

Saturn: ANX IF L A G
Venus: A L IC I A (this is a genus of a seasponge so I thought maybe it was possible as an answer)
Jupiter: M I R G A (kind of means mouse??)

Have at it.


Messed up on one of the three I was confused on. Now I have:

Venus: Aquila

Going back to the others


Corvus, Lepus, Vulpecula , and Aquila are all constelations in the Hercules Family.

Edit: So I’d say your method is rock solid, Kelsey. Great job!!!

Here are the rest of them if this helps.

Hercules Family[edit]
The Hercules Family is a group of constellations connected mainly by their adjacency on the celestial sphere. It is Menzel’s largest grouping, and extends from declination +60° to −70°, mostly in the western hemisphere. It includes Hercules, Sagitta, Aquila, Lyra, Cygnus, Vulpecula, Hydra, Sextans, Crater, Corvus, Ophiuchus, Serpens, Scutum, Centaurus, Lupus, Corona Australis, Ara, Triangulum Australe, and Crux.


Jupiter’s letters could also translate to Mriga, which means “the deer” and is what the Rig Veda refers to the Orion constellation as. I know that it’s not a part of the Hercules constellation family, but it sorta works!


Hmm, Lepus isn’t in there but Lupus is (I could have messed up on Lepus though, who knows)

Saturn and Jupiter just do not work, unless I’m missing constellations. Can someone confirm I’m not insane?

For Saturn, there are only a few constellations that even have X in the name - sextans, crux, fornax, lynx, phoenix, and pyxis. None of these have a G however.

And for Jupiter, the only one short enough with an M G is Gemini, but I have an R so that doesn’t work.


Good catch - that could definitely be a possible solution


Saturn stumps me. There just aren’t many constallations with an X in the name. Sextans is the only one with an ‘a’ and ‘n’ in it also.


@Kelsey - How do you get the U for Corvus/Mercury. I want to see if I can give a hand, but I am struggling a bit with the next steps. I was able to get CO, RV, S but unsure where the U comes in

EDIT: Got it! I was a little mixed up in my planet stacking, which is embarrassing since I made the summary post about it up above. Whoops haha.



But I think I have figured out how to read these once we get our planets stacked. I believe it is just Left to Right, Top to Bottom (Sorry if this is what you have all figured out). But in doing so, you get:

MERCURY Disc - Corvus (Hercules Constellation - Robert posted about this)
VENUS Disc - Aquila (Hercules Constellation - Robert posted about this)
EARTH - Lepus (Constellation just south of Orion)
JUPITER Disc - Mriga (@Keegan made a post about this above, he may have been right if my process holds true)
SATURN - Galifanx
NEPTUNE - Vulpecula (Hercules Constellation - Robert posted about this)

Galifanx is the only one we can’t seem to find any information on (at least I cant). Maybe it is the answer to our next step (I already tried putting it at the end of the BoB site).

EDIT: Made a change to Lepus, it is a constellation but it isn’t in the Hercules family. Lupus and Lepus aren’t the same

EDIT 2: I thought we were done with animals, but maybe not? These constellations all represent animals:
Corvus - Raven
Aquila - Eagle
Lepus - Hare
Mriga - Deer
Galifanx - ???
Vulpecula - Little Fox

This might help us decipher what Galifanx is?

PS. This post just keeps growing, I am sorry


Guys guys GUYS Aquila goes into BoB!!!

I’ll check out the other ones too!


I am trying but galifanx doesn’t seem to be the password? Other people, TRY!

@Keegan IS A STAR!!! (get it?)


So, I was led to a website that asked for a password, and after a few tries, I put in one of the other constellations (I don’t remember which one initially). It led me to that constellation’s site, which asked for another password. I repeated this process with all of the constellations that we uncovered, and finally arrived at this page: Galifanx - The Book of Briars


@Keegan, I “spoilered” your post so others can solve if they want to.


Thank you, sorry about that, I got too caught up in the excitement I guess :grimacing::sweat_smile:


So… we have this.

The book also confirmed that yes, a new fragment has been found.
I have been screaming in little bursts this entire time, btw


Oh wow. Amazing work everyone!


Good work everyone!!
Major props to -
@Kelsey and @reesylou for figuring out how you stack these
@Robert for finding the proper constellation names and groupings
@Keegan for tying all these bits and pieces together


Bah, I was wrong in my groupings. Thank @Brendon for Galifanx!


Eh, the way I see it, you found that most were constellations recognized by all of society (regardless if they are herculean or not), and when we found one that didn’t quite work, we knew that it could have magimystical ties


Hope you guys don’t mind me changing the title :sweat_smile: