SOLVED: Fragment Nine: Galifanx


That’s actually really good.


Mercury, Venus, and Earth.


Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune


That was similar to what I tried and posted about above, but I didn’t rotate them to make them align with the planet symbol. It is interesting. I tried it with “Earth” and it could make sense to do it that way. I am making my “crater holes” bigger and will see what I get and can post if I get something substantial.

EDIT: The fact that we have an M and a W underlined could also support the fact that we may need to rotate the discs


I thought of “xan” pronounced like zan, which can be used in relation to the names Alexander/Xander and the pop culture reference to Xanthippe on UKS. Xanthippe was historically the wife of Aristotle. Again, grasping at straws here.
Or it could be initials of someone we haven’t yet encountered, or someone who uses an alias.
There’s also this tool, which finds over 1100 results using those three letters. Idk how to even begin to sort through all those words.


Welllll after about an hour or so of staring at these things and several notebook pages later, my eyes are starting to glaze over and I haven’t made any progress. Is the current general consensus that this is leading us to some URL?


Thats what usually happens around this time, so I’d assume yes. Could also be a word to put after the cagliostro website… but its one of thise two.


Unfortunately it could be a variety of things. It could be a URL, it could be a word to place after the BoB website. As Bells said, it could be something that goes with the Cagliostro website (this feels unlikely though - that’s my gut feeling anyway). It could be something we google and it leads us to a different site. We likely won’t know until we found it. Which is tough


The words might still be connected to the astrological symbols, or we might get some hint from there… Like Mercury, which, according to this has to do with Spirit or Quicksilver


The most Earth-like surface is on the Jupiter disk, and both the Venus and Earth disks seem to have Jupiter’s massive storm present on them, though Neptune has a similar “blemish” on the surface, but with less/no “layers” visible. My guess is that Earth disk corresponds with Jupiter and Venus disk corresponds with Neptune. I’m tired and reaching tinfoil hat levels, but still, I figure this is worth noting

Disk - > Surface
Earth - > Jupiter
Jupiter - > Earth
Venus - > Neptune
Saturn - > Venus
Mercury - > Saturn
Neptune - > Mercury (this one I don’t feel confident about, but it is here by process of elimination)


Started playing around with the pictures… I tried to put “slices” from the different planets together to form one planet name e.g. Saturn… But the remaining letters make no sense to me.
And I tested what will happen, when all of this planet disks overly each other - guess what: many holes and some letters…no sense for me now :wink:


Random thoughts

-Fragment 1 and Fragment 5 both involved image manipulation. If these pages are part of the same journal then it stands to reason Fragment 9 will as well.

Just to recap:

-Fragment 1 involved cutting out the floral decorations on the corners and reassembling the Fraylilly.

-Fragment 5 involved cutting out part of an image of a fence to combine the remaining pieces into a legible website.

-I like ideas people are throwing around with cutting out and layering these images. That seems in the spirit of the fragments 1 and 5. In fact I had a brilliant idea in the middle of the night and it turns out to be exactly what @Brendon tried yesterday.

-As @TheBellsAreRinging says, the craters must mean something. I can think of 3 explanations.

  1. They are meant to be punctuation
  2. They are meant to be holes in the pages, allowing us to see the letters underneath when these are stacked.
  3. They are ‘black holes’ (or portals if you will) indicating a skip in the layer, so anything after a crater in the stack should be skipped til the next one comes up.

I like explanation 2 the best, myself. 1 is plausible. 3 is reaching, mostly because there’s an odd number of craters overall (31) so the whole portal idea is sketchy.

Other things I’ve tried that probably failed, but might help.

-I’ve thought about making a hexagon out of the 6 planets. Then I would try to trace a line of letters around the 6 sides of the hex to spell something out. I can’t find a placement of them that produces anything useful though.

-I don’t see a reason why the 5 planets spell out the name of the 6th. That’s got to be used for some purpose, right? Perhaps to tell us what order to stack them? But then which planet name do we form? Do we have to create 6 different stackings of these and somehow combine them into one answer? Or maybe 6 answers?


I hadn’t even considered that the might be holes. I assumed they indicated omissions, similar to your #3.

I like where this is going!


Not going to lie here, I was hoping someone would have solved this by now. :wink:

Well I spent a very frustrating hour cutting out tiny planets, then trying to cut even tinier holes out of them. (Why not enlarge the circles? I’m sure many of you are asking. I’m not entirely sure how to and I lack any image software outside of paint.) What I’ve got is such a mess it’s basically impossible to read.

So, I threw out the accursed paper and went theoretical. Attempting to turn the circles in my mind as if they were stacked in planet order and figuring out what would be visible through the holes. I keep getting bits and pieces of really promising snipits, like at one point I can form the letters “co - con - u” in order, that’s gotta be “coconut”, right? But I can’t get a t to fit into that scheme anywhere.

But let’s face it, you can get promising snippits from any random assortment of letters if you stare at them long enough.

I’m not even sure whether to read inside out, or outside in. I’m guessing this would be way easier to do if I had a physical discs to look at. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try enlarging the circles. It can’t be that tough. But for now, I’m out of patience. I still think this is our best lead though.

Til tomorrow.


I gave it a go as well last night and today. I definitely feel like this is the right path, but we just need to develop the correct method. Do we put the symbol on top and then spell the planet’s name (example: for earth it would be the symbol on top then the piece with the highlighted E underneath, then the A underneath that E piece, etc.)? Vice versa? Some other method? Should I rotate the letters to line up with the symbol they are spelling (example, if the A is in the bottom right, should I rotate it to the symbol in the top left)? Do you just leave the pieces as they are without rotating anything and stack them in a particular order? Do I put the letters in order from top left rotating clockwise, working inwards (example: outer hexagon, inner hexagon, inner inner hexagon)? Or do I start in the middle hexagon and work clockwise outwards, always starting at the top left to spell the word?

Have I asked enough questions to demonstrate that there are many methods and that I’m probably overthinking this?


No I get you on all the possible questions.

I can answer at least one, however . I definitely think rotation of the pieces is called for. The underlined M and W are most likely that way because it has to be clear what letter you’re looking at. The only reason we’d need that underline is when the pieces are rotated and we’re not sure if it’s upside down or not.

But yeah, we have options, and I guess we’ll have to try them all.

  1. Put the symbol of the planet on top, then spell out the name of the planet top to bottom with the letter being under the symbol.

  2. Leave the piece with the symbol off, and just use the 5 other planets to spell out the word of the 6th, top to bottom, with the pieces rotated so the letters of the name are in a stack.

As for which direction to read. I dunno. I’m kinda hoping pattern recognition kicks in at some point and it just becomes clear that one of the directions has words…no idea if it will.


Ohhh, good point on the W/M - I didn’t even realize :sweat:

I’ll try again.


Hmm, I think I might be on to something but it is midnight so who knows.

I was able to get this using letters and rotations and a whole thing using anagram solver since my method doesn’t seem to always make sense:

Mercury: Corvus
Neptune: Vulpecula
Earth: Lepus

These are constellations and latin words. I’m trying the others now.


That’s good stuff. You might just be onto something :smiley:


Okay, I’ve found a pattern, at least for the second set of hex-rings inward,
UNDER OUTER CODE IS (USE and IF may very well be words on their own)
That’s all I’ve got for now. The pattern doesn’t seem to hold for the third and forth rings, but I could be wrong.
It’s late. I’m tired. Going to bed.