SOLVED: Fragment Nine: Galifanx


All I could think of would be turning them until matching colors were touching each other? Even after that I wouldn’t know what it would mean, heck it may not even be possible.

I’m still fixated on those “craters”, as I called them. I feel like they mean something. They have to mean something…


The only thing I noticed is that these two:

Are reflections of each other.
Nothing else came of trying to get matching colors to touch. Some things worked but nothing that had everything come together. So I guess that’s not it! I’ll keep fiddling around with stuff though.

Oh, and sorry those pictures have such low quality.


So it seems they each have counterparts, as the background on the earth circle is a picture of Jupiter and vis versa… interesting.


Maybe it’s new words in each circle corresponding to the planets? Also, strange that there are three terrestrial planets, and three jovian planets.


Do you guys ever get super excited about something you thought might solve one of these puzzles, only to get writing a post about it, and each word you type makes you feel that much more crazy. But then you type “Tin Foil Hat: Crater Edition” on the top, but that disclaimer doesn’t even do your level of crazy enough justice. So you erase everything and decide to try it out for yourself and you are mumbling “I’ll show you, this will work”. And then you just get to the point where you have 6 printed out planets, with holes where their craters would be and they are half stacked and half strewn across your desk.

Oh no? You haven’t? That’s just me? Good to know.

Anyway, what I just tried was printing out the 6 discs/planets and poked holes were each of the craters would be. I then started stacking the planets in the order we defined earlier. It kind of worked, you could see letters through the craters. But eventually you just got to the point that there were no more craters showing and that stacking them past three or four planets wouldn’t do anything to the letters showing. If anyone wants to add to this, but all means. I am now the proud owner of 6 paper planets with holes in them and would be willing to try any theories


Perhaps try them in the order they were revealed?


Totally been there on several occasions!


Or what if you put them in 2 separate stacks, One with Mercury, Venus, and Earth, and the other Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune?


You and @OracleSage could marry your theories. If each one has a counterpart, maybe then you stack those on top of eachother? Use the letters that result.
Maybe all of them together won’t work, but your theory definitely seems plausible! Better than mine :joy: “wat if we jus put da colors 2gethr?” :joy: :joy:


That could work!
Also it sounds like it’s less work than what I’m doing!

Looks disdainfully at pages of jumbled words and translations


Also I’m assuming the odd starburst things are a type of variable?


Its okay Oracle, I have like 10 different picture collage files and 4 tabs of anagram makers open
#just mountaineer things


That would make the most sense. I think we need to figure out what they represent. I’ve been thinking of them as question marks.


I had an idea, but cannot try it out coz I am at work… maybe someone else can run with it.

Each planet name is spelled out on the other planets. What if we assume the “dots” are holes, and place each planet one at a time in reverse order over the disc of the planet, rotating the top disc so the letter from the planet name matches the location of the planet symbol.

Um, so, on earth you would have a pile with Mercury then Jupiter, Neptune, Venus, Saturn and Earth on the bottom. Mercury would rotate once counter clockwise, Jupiter twice clockwise… etc


I have to stop going to the gym, or else I’ll keep missing the important bits… Will take a look at the circles now and see if I can make sense of any of your theories.

BTW, great job you guys :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile:


Thinking about numbers, each circle contains 4 hexagons, so 24 sides. Six circles with 24 sides would be 144.
Numerology wise, 24=2+4=6. 144=1+4+4=9.
6 represents love, nurturing, and healing, as well as Gaia (Earth). 9 represents wisdom, kindness, and The Greater Good.

Idk what any of this could possibly mean, but I tend to analyze everything in terms of numbers.


Has anyone done this yet? I might look into it once I’m home if not.


Not to my knowledge. I can probably get one or two done before my next class.


I only skimmed over things so far, so please excuse me if I’m repeating something said already, but is there some rhyme or reason to the missing letters that we’ve found?

I was thinking that the backgrounds of each disc might correspond to a planet’s surface (Earth and Venus look much like Jupiter’s surface, for example). Maybe lining up one of those with Jupiter’s disc will reveal something with the overlap of the letters?