SOLVED: Fragment Nine: Galifanx


Just a small thing I noticed, but the “M” on the Mercury disk is underlined. And as far as I can see it’s the only letter on all of the 6 disks that is underlined?

EDIT: correction, there is a “W” on the Earth disk that is underlined as well


There is a W underlined on Earth. I just assumed it was so we new which side was up, but I could be wrong


Yeah just saw that! that’s what I thought at first too but all of the other letters seem to be oriented in the same direction so they wouldn’t appear to need to be underlined


I noticed that too. Also the “i” in the Jupiter disc is slightly elevated.


The underlined letters are reflected across each other, if that make sense. Maybe each letter connects to another one? I dunno


So quick summary, using the brilliant deductive skills of @Keegan and what @Gryphonic added to it, we have:

M (Neptune), ER (Jupiter), C (Venus), UR (Earth), Y (Saturn)

V (Earth), E (Saturn), N (Neptune), U (Jupiter), S (Mercury)

E (Mercury), A (Jupiter), R (Neptune), T (Venus), H (Saturn)

J (Mercury), UP (Neptune), I (Venus), TE (Saturn), R (Earth)

S (Venus), A (Neptune), TU (Jupiter), R (Mercury), N (Earth)

NE (Saturn), P (Venus), T (Jupiter), UN (Mercury), E (Earth)

You use every letter or letter combo only once from the outer ring (Largest Letters) from each planet, and you never use any letters from the planet you are spelling. I hope this makes sense.


Is this using only the “major letters” i.e. the largest letters on the outermost rings?


Correct. Sorry I will make some edits to my post to clear up confusion


Maybe the inner rings spell out other words?


Uuuummm, could you draw a chart or graph or something? :confused: My brain didn’t bend around that curve.


Not getting anywhere with the anagrams because there are just too many letters to deal with at once. We need some sort of pattern, something…


It’s also possible to spell Uranus and Mars. So we have all 8 planets represented.

M (Neptune) A (Jupiter/Neptune) R (Neptune/Earth/Mercury) S (Mercury)
UR (Earth) A (Jupiter/Neptune) N (Neptune/Earth), U (Jupiter) S (Mercury).


Maybe this will help…I’m not sure if there are other variations though


I can’t do it right now because I’m at school, but maybe someone should draw how the letters connect to spell each word. Idk if that will be helpful, but maybe it will make shapes or something.


Thanks for this! I just made one as well but you beat me to it :slight_smile:


One thing that jumped out at me is “anx”. That’s not used in very many words. Actually it’s only used in phalanx and in words pertaining to anxiety.


So, now that we did that… What do we do with it?


Figuring that out is the next thing. Now we know these discs relate to one another in specific ways. There must be a use for that somewhere.


Now we need to figure out how to solve the rest of the anagram.


Highlighted the symbols for a better visual. Could maybe be some sort of rotational, based on the rotation of the planets or some other astronomical order?