SOLVED: Fragment Nine: Galifanx


Anyone else concerned it’s signed off LE?
If it’s the new Cagliostro I’d be happily suprised if she was helping us, as we did kind of ruin her chances of saving Cags life… right?


I think we are as ants to her right now. I’m thinking she’s moved past that. Cags is kinda living on inside her, and he did get to go out on his terms and not murdered against his will. I think she’s okay.


So she’s aware of us, should we try to reach out? Learn what she has learned and in turn teach what we have learned?


Do you think her cagliostro email still works? That she still uses it?


She probably already solved the whole thing. Remember she says, “I hope you find what you are looking for, and have as few regrets as possible.”



I’m hoping we can make her a Mountineer


It is an interesting choice of words. Like someone said before, Brandon warned us about something. With us almost being done opening the book, one can only assume that something might start to get us!


To me, those things look like letters have been scratched out, or something. We might have to fill in the gaps


Whatever it is is going to come for us, but it’s not going to get us.


I’m all for someone trying to talk to her. I doubt it’ll go anywhere, but I’m often wrong so maybe that’s a point in favor of trying. :slight_smile: Try the email. What’s the worst thing that can happen?

…oh yeah…meteor…


All discs/planets in one place, I made them a little darker to better see the letters and what not. Now you can also see the designs in the background a little better. Also I ordered them with where they are situated in the solar system. Also Also, I don’t claim to be a photo editor, so if someone has suggestions on how to make this better, let me know.


I’ve got my meteor bunker all set up, whoever wants to try, you’re welcome to use it.


I should be good if I pile myself under all my glitter. When the meteor crashes, it’ll be so beautiful and sparkly :star: !! Glitter aside, those things I mentioned earlier really really remind me of craters. They may be “holes” in the url that we’ll need to fill in.

Its also in the middle of the day and my vision is already getting blurry :crying_cat_face:


I’ve tried the first two (Earth and Neptune) as anagrams and one very interesting thing that keeps happening is place names, Albania and Arabia for the first, Canada and Panama for the second. I’ll keep going and see if that’s true for all of them. Might not mean anything, but you never know.


It looks like the big letters on the outer rings might spell out the planets names maybe! I’m not sure how that exactly fits into it


For example, Neptune is spelled out with the NE from Saturn, the P from Venus, the T from Jupiter, the UN from Mercury, and the E from Earth!


Keep going with it! Anything could be meaningful!


I believe it works for all of them… and using every planet but their own. Maybe there’s something in the order?


I wish I could help out more right now, but I’m going to be away from my computer and phone for an hour or so. But if no one else puts it together by then, I’ll help out more!


I think you just figured out something extremely useful @Keegan, so you deserve a break!.