SOLVED: Fragment Nine: Galifanx


Can someone send a link to the website?


Here you go!


Yep! That worked! Thanks!


Okay, brain dump time!

We have 6 discs.

Each disc has 6 sided hexagons in them (as opposed to 7 sided hexagons)

Each disc forms 6 lines from outer to inner, or inner to outer.

The discs were revealed in sequential order. So unless we got super lucky, a clue is not tied to a specific disc, so the order of the clues isn’t helpful.

Each disc has a different planet symbol on it.

Current working theory is these are to be taken in order of the planets, and perhaps one line of each is added together to a final location?


So we have Earth, Neptune, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus.


Ha, strange… I could originally see the 6th revealed circle but now it seems to not show up for me?


It’s still there for me. Interesting.


Neptune would be the final planet.


Thats the one @Robert said had “.com” in it, right?


We got the last one!

Great job guys :smiley:
I will, at best, be checking in periodically on my phone today, but I’ll try to stay caught up.


Also, what do we think those little circles spiral thingies mean? They seem to be in no particular place, but they wouldn’t just be there for no reason, would they?


Hmm… Thats odd. For some reason the picture uploaded as “TWM - 3 planets”. Buuuut, its no where in my computer. No where! Its just “page three”! Am I going crazy?
Eh, whatever weird thing it was that happened, I don’t think it means anything. We already knew it was three planets anyways. Still is weird though!


OKAY SO. If you refer to this website,
we see that Mercury is a PRIME. And then we have seven planetary metals, which include copper (Venus), tin (Jupiter), Mercury (Mercury), and lead (Saturn). That leaves Earth, and Neptune. But, it says Saturn is not used.


You mean the background patterns? Yeah.

They all look like wood grain to me except perhaps Neptune which looks like mountains (ore maybe if these are elements?) And Saturn looks like wind to me.


I actually meant these little thingies, however that also seems interesting!


I believe they could be designed to be planets. The newest one looks to have the red eye or whatever it is called on Jupiter

EDIT: If you mess with the levels of the pages in Photoshop, you can really see the designs, they are pretty neat. I am just working on getting the 6 discs on one page, and arranged in order of the planet symbols


If the discs have to do with the guilds (which there’s a good chance, considering there’s 6 of them), the backgrounds could correspond to those guilds’ attributes maybe?


Oh, they could be punctuation. Or Eye’s (I’s?) or suns. Or decoration. Definitely interesting. If (and that’s a big if) we are looking for a url, then periods is a decent shot in the dark.


I think those fuzzy little eye things are placeholders for letters we have to figure out. Or what @Robert said


If I’m honest they remind me of craters. Would make sense with the planet theme thats been going on!