SOLVED: Fragment Nine: Galifanx


I think we can all sort of agree however that its Huygen related. Not exactly sure what it is, but its definitely something to do with him.


I’ll keep digging once I get home,
But the storm seems promising?


It says that those findings were published in the Systema Saturnium in 1659. Possible answer?


Sound plausible!


Only the book knows!!


One other thing, Huygens is attributed with the creation of an eyepiece, the “Huygen’s Ocular”, which has been used in telescopes and apparently microscopes. But is also quite useful in Solar Projection.

I guess I am just looking at the clue, and for me it is going to be an object, telescope, etc. and nothing sees better than an eyepiece :wink: haha


He invented a telescope without a tube. The Astroscopia Compendiaria.


The book! It bolded CASSINI!!! YOU GUYS!! LOOK LOOK LOOK! Thats it!! We did it!


I think you guys have this last clue in hand so I’ve been looking forward to the next step. I noticed something that may be random coincidence, or might be helpful.

On the Neptune piece, which if you place the pieces in order of distance from the sun would be the last (assuming the 6th circle isn’t Pluto), I see this on it.

That looks like a “.com” kinda to me. Might be worth keeping in mind.


Nice job everyone!


Can someone post a picture of the finished pages?


Guys I’m not seeing an update of the Cagliostro site. Is anyone?



So the last alchemical symbol is Venus?


I would but I’m on my phone at the moment. Holy cow well done all!!! Feels amazing to see our work pay off :smiley: so I missed out on earlier fragments, how does it work now? Are we supposed to figure something out with the revealed circles or will the Book do something now?


Goddess of Love:)


Seems so! I wonder what it all means.


Could there be a reason I’m still not seeing the page update?

And perhaps it’s for a potion?


I wouldn’t think so. My only advice would be “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” or essentially, closing the browser, and reopening everything?

Yes, that might be it. I’m also interested in the letters…


The page is cached? Force refresh perhaps. Ctrl-F5 if you’re on windows.