SOLVED: Fragment Five: Brachursis


So wait… Is this the fifth fragment? I’m not sure why but for whatever reason I expected more… I mean after the long game that the fourth fragment was, it feels different (dare I say, easier?). Maybe for each key the fragments progressively get more difficult? I dunno! But great work everybody!


The first fragment was pretty similar to this as I understand it. Basically it was a single page, a lot of detective work, and a search that led us to CRSumner’s blog. I imagine this is similarly laying the groundwork.

While the fragment may not have been the longest trail, I’d argue it’s one of the more important ones. Finding it opened up a new resource for information which may well give us fragments six through eight.

I have no doubt great challenges still lie ahead of us on this, no worries.


Maybe its possible that we need to remove the gold pieces for the puzzle to work?


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Also, there’s a new email for today in the webmail. A response happened about two hours ago. Stuff about people breaching the server’s/email, stealing information, and some package. Maybe they are onto us haha


Or maybe we weren’t the only ones who got into their server.


I hope that they don’t shut it down and move it to something else. I don’t think they would detect us… We didn’t brute force our way in since we had the password, eventually, unless they were talking about a different file server. I’m not into tech stuff like that so I might be wrong, who knows.


I want to say it’s just bad timing. They did say the server and email would shut down immediately if they detected an intrusion, which makes me think they haven’t caught on to us. Well, either that, or tinfoil hat theory that they’re expecting us.


I believe the e-mail is saying that they have now put in contingencies if someone tries to force their way in. Since we have the password, it shouldn’t detect us as we aren’t brute forcing our way in. But the e-mail also said the package is coming tomorrow, I am going to be checking that file server frequently and the email for any sign of added files