SOLVED: Fragment Five: Brachursis


You guys are awesome! equicorun (no cap) is the password!


Silly me, I was trying all caps. I am in

The password is:



You get this page though

Your_new_email_address.pdf (8.6 KB)


go there, sign in using the information in the pdf


Mind…blown… Awesome work @Brandon and @Kelsey!

So we’ve got L Ellesworth and A C. (C for Cogliostro?)

AC travels a lot, and performs illusions of some kind. A stage magician? A real magician?

LE is based in a New York City office/loft

on Wed the 30th LE is to receive and scan in a ‘volume of journals from a deceased magic practitioner’. Hopefully some of those make it into an email we can see!!


Or the file server which we now have access to


Wow. Just…wow. You guys are so good!

So, I went through and didn’t see much of anything interesting yet, except for a reference to the hand-written word “Brachursis.” My instinct is to start plugging it into everything but nothing yet.

I’ve also been trying to find if there’s anything on Kemetic Solutions, the company that is providing the email infrastructure. nothing there either. Just thought I’d mention this in case anyone else was traveling down that road.


Hey peoples, I’ve been lurking for a bit, but I think I’m ready to jump back in.

The word brachursis definitely stood out to me as well. Reminds me of the passwords for some reason, and googling it brings up nothing. I tried it as a password, but it didn’t lead anywhere. :frowning:

Something interesting to me - Cagliostro mentions that his guests are “highest members of the
cultural elite”… Looks like the guy has properties in NYC, London, and Turin, so he’s clearly well-to-do, as well. So this has to be more than a simple magic show, right? Maybe real magic…?

Looks like the sent folder gives us the full name of “l” - Lauren Ellsworth.


I knew you guys had done something! A whole lot has happened, I’ll say. Maybe in the coming days, more emails will be sent in from Lauren? Who knows, but I’m excited!


I’m just getting caught up with this fragment, but good work so far! Did y’all find this page yet?


Nicely done @Randomiser!!! I didn’t even think of doing that! We should keep a note of this. I don’t think this is our end result but it may help us with our assessment if it is similar to our last one. (If there areally more)


I’m sort of tempted to print out the brachursis pieces and see if i can make shapes or something with them or if they fit together. They look like those puzzles in school that end up making a shape or something of the sort.


Wow wow wow! Great job Randomiser! I never would have thought to do that. Another fragment found already! Way to go!

And I agree with @supernova. There’s a chance this puzzle may end up being in 3D.


I can’t tell if it’s a fragment in itself (edit: apparantly it is from the email) or just another step in a puzzle. I definitely think you can shape something by folding it - but I can’t tell quite what just by looking at it, and I don’t have access to a printer right now.


Awesome job guys!!!
I disappear for a few hours and it gets solved.

Edit: Who are Miss L Ellsworth and AC? And I recognise a number of the animals on the fragment… rather excited that some of them are Australian, but doubt any actual key will be here given the locations of everything else.


I’m currently gluing the pieces together. Not quite sure what to do with them afterwards, but they definitely create shapes. It’s bringing me back to the days of my papercraft obsession. :blush:

On a side note, does anyone want to guess why the crab and rooster symbols have extra little designs on their tiles? Perhaps they’re of some importance?

Edit: I put them together (more or less), but for some reason the rooster is the only symbol that doesn’t get its own side? Unless I messed up somehow. :sweat:


Whoo so much happened while i as sleeping :wink:
Maybe the two shapes should be united as one? I will print them out later and try, too.


I found the same… I wondered whether it was a way to indicate how the two bits went together

Edit: I have been looking at the way the animals are presented, and it sort of looks like sky/stars. I wondered whether there was any zodiac connection as some are part of chinese astrology (and at least crab in western)… but others like ostrich and swordfish didn’t make sense until i found this:

Not sure if it is a lead or a red herring, but definitely looks promising


Maybe there are more parts to come? I now printed it out and to make two seperate forms for now seems to be the better way…but I´m not too great at 3D Puzzles…
Also for now, the animals have nothing to do with the storys we dealt with so far?

The rooster side ist strange - the only way, to give it its own siede would be cutting it off from one additional side…


For anyone else who wants to give it a try:

Tetrahedron Assembly