SOLVED: Fragment Five: Brachursis


I have one as well. Are one of you willing to use your word for this? If so, the vote appears to be unanimous, green is go.


Oh, we had posted if we had a word here. Three is even better though. In my mind, it’s not my word or hint, it’s all of ours, so I don’t mind sending the word I received in. I will send the word in on Monday, unless people are wanting me to send it in now.


I agree, I don’t know why the book chose to give words to some and not others, but they shouldn’t belong to any one of us. However the book giving us clues indicates that this is going to be the hardest challenge we’ve faced thus far, the challenges have been growing progressively harder, and it’s really early on. The clues really should be used as a last resort, which our current situation seems to be.


As it stands, I think most of us are okay with asking for a hint, so I’m going to send in my word right now (just in case it takes 24 hours). I will let everyone know what the Book says as soon as I get the email (unless I’m sleeping :sleeping:)

EDIT: I’ve sent it in!


I assume everyone got the email, but here it is just in case:

You’re on the path beyond the gate
But something missing makes you wait
The dots the dashes and the door
Aren’t the only ones you’re looking for

What creeping leaf has got you slightly
Creeping tendrils caught you lightly
And grips the flags that you are holding

Look down
Look deep
It’s all un-folding

(Minus the dash in unfolding, but only the folding is italicized)


Right off the top of my head, it seems like we need to print the page and fold the image of the gate and maybe hold it up to the light to reveal the password. Under a crunch at the moment but will be free in an hour or so. will try then if no one else has yet.


So I have tried to fold it right through the middle of the gate, and where the hinge is, I am not currently seeing anything that stands out to me. I would definitely encourage others to try it as well, as I may be missing it. But I am looking at the tendrils to see if they line up some way when they are folded, as well as the ivy in the gate.

Any other ideas as to where to fold? I will gladly try them all


It is physically impossible to fold the page (without tearing or cutting) to get the texts to all line up as well… have been trying that, too.


Maybe we are supposed to rearrange the text? Also, perhaps we should be folding from or to the words “down” and “deep”?


There is a “deep” and a “down” in the 4th “paragraph” or section of text and they are one line apart. I tried folding the page so the fold was in between the two words, not much I could see. This 4th paragraph/section of text is also where the section above the gate is from so I tried folding the page to get down to match up with down and I don’t really feel that yielded anything either.


Going to try it soon. I keep thinking that it’s the vines that are supposed to form a word somehow, not the text, but I’ve been wrong before.


I think we are referring to the same thing, do you mean the “tendril” type things that have been drawn in? That is my primary focus as I fold the page

EDIT: or the vines at the bottom of the page coming off the gate?


Yeah. I tried tweaking them in photoshop but couldn’t get anywhere. The “folded” clue the book gave us makes me think that’s how those vines/tendrils form the password.


Okay, new idea. If you fold it vaguely along those lines then you see at the bottom you are just left with the ivy, right?

Don’t those leaves look a little too …regular? They all point straight on a cardinal direciton. (N, NE, E, etc)

and the line from the book.

“And grips the flags that you are holding”

I think that’s flag semaphore.

Although when I try to decode it all I get is

uxvsmadix or uxvsmndix. and neither work as a password.


I got the same translation as you. It was good thinking and could be worth keeping in mind as we continue to try to figure out the clue and fragment

EDIT: What if we have to find the right way to fold that page and that will change the orientation of the leaves, giving us a different decoding/translation?


Yeah I’ve been pondering that. I’ve tried translating it upside down - ixdgsmkiu
flipped horizontally and vertically - ixduqycin

(Note I’m going flag happy right now so I might be off a letter)

Now it could be that one side of the leaves have to be read one way, and the other half another. Or perhaps it’s all rotated 90 degrees and read straight down. I haven’t tried that one yet.


I just tried rotating the page so the little bits of text were right side up (if that makes any sense at all), so the first 4 are rotated 90 degrees CCW and the last are rotated CW, while still reading the leaves from left to right when the page is upright, and got IUQECORNU. Not it. Now there were a lot of variables I am assuming on that try, so I don’t really know if it makes any sense at all


Well rotating the whole page 90 CW and 90 CCW then reading top (wherever the top of the ivy is) down gave me:

90 clockwise xnmkcorun backwards nurockmnx
90 counter clock unrzvequi backwards iuqevzrnu

I tried them backwards too in case I was reading it upside down for the hell of it. No dice.


Maybe this is just hopeful thinking on my part, but I am hoping the password is at least a little legible. Similar to ichthywara

EDIT: I tried the rotating the first 4 90 degrees CCW and the last five 90 Degrees CW but reading them top down and got EQUICORNU. I thought maybe I was on to something similar to EQUI being a common root word for horse, and corn being… well similar to a Unicorn. It isn’t it though. I also think I am going slightly crazy :wink:. I don’t know where the U came in though haha.

EDIT 2: I found a mistake in my work, it translates to EQUICORUN


I like that we at least got a latin root out of part of it. That’s promising.