SOLVED: Fragment Five: Brachursis


i tried and they seemed to line up but not form any words. I’ll post a pic so you can see. It’s possible I’ve missed something.


It’s quite possible that they need to be rearranged in a different way but I can’t see anything there.

EDIT 2: There may be something to the vines inside the gate. Let me play with it.


What if we take the main text and highlight the ones that repeat, does that do anything? Does it make any kind of shape? Grasping at straws now :smiley: Maybe its not for the password but it could be something else, I dunno, could be wrong.

Also, anyone else having “The Devoted” flashbacks? :sweat_smile:


I have resorted to going old school. I have literally printed it all out, cut out the various pieces and am piecing the overlapping pieces together in any effort to see if it makes something “click”.

Check on me in a bit, I am afraid I may start pinning these to the wall and connecting it all with string… because it is all connected :wink:


Alright, reality and illusion have broken my brain. I just read about Cagliostro and the Rose Cross Order (Rosicrucian 's) and I’ll be damned if I know what’s real anymore.

My favorite parts in the article are where Cagliostro struck blind, deaf and afflicted 3 people who mocked him with a word, then cured them just as easily. And the fact that despite he was ‘technically’ in prison in Paris for 6 months he snuck out every night to help feed the poor. Cause that’s the kind of badass he was.


I wish I could give this 1000 likes


So, I have been playing with the other vines… on the text. Here is my thought process - it may help someone take it further. I looked a the “them, losing” and “from the” and figured it meant to put the two sides together. I then looked at the “ace”,“it seems” and “was app”, “egg f” and alligned the combined text with that.

Nothing useful, but here it is for thought:


This gave me an idea. I am not skilled with photoshop, so I don’t know if it is possible or if someone else can do this. But are we able to do something similar to what @Crytter did where the jumbled up pieces, and the overlapped pieces were fit back together, only this time keep the “vines”/“lines” with the pieces that have morse code. I am curious if maybe the vines connect and maybe circle particular lines or phrases. Hopefully this is making sense.


Turns out my idea didn’t really pan out. As I said above, I am not skilled in Photoshop or editing software, so if someone has a suggestion if I can edit or make something better, I am all ears.

You can see “creatures clearly” and “one” circled, but that’s about it.


Probably useless information at this point, but I notice now that I’m home on a proper browser that there’s the hidden text

To view this restricted area, please enter the password you have been provided with.

above the password field.


It was definitely worth a shot.


Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been around for a bit. I see @Mike has been kicking some booty! Well done!
It may or may not be relevant at some point, but Orson Welles (who was all about the occult) made a film about Cagliostro called Black Magic. It’s on youtube if anyone’s interested. Also the C on The Cagliostro’s site has a slithering (almost wrote Slytherin) snake inside it. Cagliostro’s seal, also known as Cagliostro’s serpent, looks like this, a bronze talisman found in his personal effects when he died.

A snake devouring a rat has been impaled on an arrow, looking exactly like a dollar sign.


Random morning grumpy password thoughts. Things I’ve tried, or want to try, that might help someone build on.

  • we will have all these words, and word fragment sitting around for no real reason we know of.

“it seems”
“was app”
“egg f”
“them, losing” and
“from the”

I’ve tried making an anagram of all of some of these and even making a coherent sentence. No dice. These probably have a reason for being there right?

I’ve thought maybe the placement of these fragments within the original text had a pattern. But I can’t find one.

  • Since the name of one creature is the url. Perhaps the password is the name of another creature. There are 2 other creatures in this story (3 I guess if you count the normal chickens). There’s the winged insect like things, and whatever is in the blue egg. Now doing some googling it turns out there are breeds of chickens that produce blue eggs, mostly Araucanas and Ameraucanas. I also tried ‘robin’ as a password.


Honestly I’ve tried everything and the kitchen sink. Words related to Cagliostro, things related to magic, things related to the occult, and everything in between. No luck anywhere.

Edit: I’ve been looking for a name for those insect like creatures. In real life, they seem to be close to the red wasp? Wasps have rainbow wings and well, red wasps have red hairs, as well as thin limbs and bodies. Another thing I got was pixies, which in this page’s information said they are child-like creatures with red hair, but no wings. So I dunno.


Just a reminder, and I am not saying we use it at this point and time, but some have those Magimystical Words if we reach a new level of “all hope is lost”. I don’t think we are there yet, but it is comforting that we have that.


There’s also the outlying chance we haven’t even been given the password yet. The BoB and it’s helpers (KingRabbit, etc) tend to have a methodology of ‘do this and then we’ll give you more info’. Someone sent DG the page, maybe they only expected us to get as far as the site and the password is another clue later.

That being said, I’m not advocating just waiting and seeing. Certainly we should try anything we can. I do think we might hold off on the clue use until after we hear from DG again to see if she got more info sent to her.

I will add a public service message on the passwords. Previous words like for KingRabbit have been case sensitive, so make sure you follow that. Also, something that’s tripped me up in the past. If you double click on a word or phrase in a browser and copy/paste it into the password field you can very often catch an extra space at the end of the word that might cause it to fail. And since you don’t see what you are pasting you might not even know.

I find pasting every word I try into a notepad document first to make sure I don’t have any extra spaces helps me. Also that helps you keep a record of what you’ve tried. Just my two cents.


This is what my “old school” methods from yesterday led me to:

I know it is next to impossible to read, but I pieced the different fragments together, and then wanted to see how they overlap.

The “green” are the little fragments of text overlapping with the original
The “red” are the bigger stanzas/groupings of text overlapping with the original
The “blue” is where green and red overlap

The remaining green says: “Them, losing from the ace app f”
The blue says: “with it seems egg”

This is very likely nothing, but at this point I want to throw everything to the wall and see what sticks. Or see if it sparks something in someone else’s mind.

Also, I learned that throwing some tape over paper allows you to use dry erase markers. Super helpful for someone like me that likes to write everything out and make notes over text end up not going anywhere.


I’m glad we don’t have a short time limit, like before. ^^;


Following on with the various overlapping ideas, I overlapped everything, matching all of the various little bits of text, and including the gate.

Interestingly, the centre of the gate fits right in the gap between ‘ran’ and ‘on’… still nothing useful, but thought that was curious enough to post (and it looks the a butterfly)

Edit: For the people who have a “word” from the book - I know they said you could “ask for help” or however it was phrased, but have any of you tried your words as passwords on the File server site?


Tried my word for you, didn’t work.

Any other ideas or is it almost time to ask for a hint?


For me personally, I am on the side of wanting to wait a bit longer before we give the Magimystical Word back to the BoB. I will defer to the group though, if the others feel we have spent long enough trying to figure out the password.

I am just really devoting some time to the fragments of text scattered about. There must be a reason they are there, and that they are such bizarre fragments of text. Like:

“was app
egg f”

Why is there the random “f”?