SOLVED: Fragment Five: Brachursis


I think this is it!

EDIT: I have no idea what to do with it now though.


You get the ‘smartest person I know’ award (previously won by @AlisonB). Well done.

And dammit! My work blocks ‘newly registered websites’ so I’ll just have to look at it on my phone til I get home later.


Thanks, @Robert, but I’ve got nothing on @AlisonB.

But now that we’ve found this site (it sounds like a magic mafia), what do we do? Maybe we add the morse code word after the url? I would think that there has to be another clue hidden in the page somewhere. since the morse code is “drawn” the same way the gate was, it makes sense.


I typed in what robert said the morse code arranged into (ichthywara), and it redirected me to that!! We need a password apparently, ichthywara doesn’t work??? I’m excited!!
(Now that I have relaxed, I will make this more clear)


Yes definitely. Both the Book of Briars and DarkenedForest used adding key words to URLs to get access to more things. I totally agree we should try that.

Also it’s worth looking into what, or who, this could reference… This could be a reference to noted occultist Alessandro, Count di Cagliostro


Awesome job @Mike and @TheBellsAreRinging - I actually tried ichthywara a few minutes ago and it didn’t work, but I’m glad it does now!


Odd. On my phone takes me to a password page. No other random word I’ve tried to type in gets me to that page.

Edit: Oh, you forgot the second h


Yeah, my bad. I no type good lol


Now “ichthywara” won’t bring up the file index page any more. I even bookmarked the index page and it kicks me back to the basic Cagliostro site. Hmmm… Hopefully this is just a temporary glitch that will right itself soon. Anyone else having trouble?

EDIT: working now. I’m typing on a dinosaur so that’s probably part of the problem.


I think it’s just updating - the header changed from Example Name File Server to Cagliostro File Server Protected Area


I had that trouble, but now it seems to be working on all my devices again. Give it a try again


I guess the book wasn’t ready for us ;D great job everyone!


So now we are looking for a password… interesting. I am kind of with @Mike, this could be a magic organization and we are gaining access to their files. They could have “placed” that paper in DG’s book and this could be a test, to see if we are worthy to help them… or there are a million other options… My imagination is running crazy right now. I am cautiously optimistic, especially after The Devoted.


Also, looking up the word “Cagliostro” brought me to this guy. I wonder if he’s related somehow. He does have to do with the occult. So maybe? I thought it was interesting.
I tried “alessandro” as the password, but no luck.


So, as we try to discern the password, i wanted a consensus on what “ichthywara” might be. From the text it came form, I would say it is either the name of the “insect” faeries or the beautiful beast they summoned with the egg. I’m leaning toward the beast but I wanted to know what others thought.

As for what the password might be, I’m clueless at the moment.


My vote is with the beautiful beast. As others pointed out (I believe it was @Robert and @luxisdead) Ichthy means “fish”, and “Wara” means following… I translate that as “A fish you would follow”. Sounds exactly like what the insects were doing by giving their egg to it (See EDIT)

EDIT: I think I took the word wara out of context after some research. It is following, but in the sense that it is the rear, or behind something. I took it as more of having a following. It doesn’t change my inclination of what the ichthywara is, but yeah, good to have a little more context


Well Ichthyosaur is a dinosaur fish which means ‘fish-lizard’ in ancient Greek. ichthy is the fish part of that. So it’s fish-something. I think it’s the thing living in the water.

As for the password. Hmmm, what parts of the document haven’t we used yet?

-There’s the repeated text we haven’t found a reason for why it repeats.

-there’s the odd shape that the words take when you put them all together. Is it a key? a grail?

-There’s the roman numerals, although I don’t see that being a password.


Yeah, @Robert thought he might be important too. I’ve been trying variations of his name and aliases hoping that could get us in, but no joy so far.


I’ve been trying anything that stood out. Literally ANYTHING. Just been skimming the page.


Quick Question for @Mike . So you got ‘theCagliostro com’ by taking half the top half of the top bar, and the bottom half of the two side bars, yes?

Do you get anything when you take the halves you didn’t use to form ‘theCagliostro’ and put those together, or is it gibberish?