SOLVED: Fragment Five: Brachursis


Vaccx/Vaccoc His(?)t(?)(?)(?)y(?)
(i cant make out the second word at all)

mo evlee/mo evleo


tried my hand at it, but i didn’t really get much out of it


So, lost for a while I went back to the beginning and stared at the original document some more. I noticed something. Some of the text is repeated twice, and some 3 times.

This text seems to be identical, but hopefully someone else can take a look. If there was a difference that might be very important.

Also the lines “ace … it seems” and “was app egg f” are actually fragments from this same section, the beginning and end of the last 2 lines here including a few letters from the full text.

The partial words completed are surf-ace was approaching
and it seems and egg for

I’m not sure what the value of this is but it seems odd.

Edit: Also, there are the lines under the roman numerals upside down.

them, losing
from the

this comes from another section.


The Text seems to be the same - they dont fit perfectly over each other but quite good.
The form of the Text ist a mirrored shape again :wink: - I think about the hole in the middle betweetn “ran” and “on” - but cant make anything out of it…


So I’ve been trying to figure out these letters. Driving me nuts. I tried putting a layer behind the picture and then tracing over the letters. Here’s what I got below - guessed on a bunch of letters and maybe I’m making letters out of nothing. Also, I wrote below the tracings in both print and cursive so you can see how I’d get the letters (excuse my terrible writing). Maybe this will help someone see the letters more clearly. I’d say I’m 0% confident about 100% of my letters :joy: so share what you see!

Oh and here’s another. The red are parts that I’m pretty much just pulling out of thin air (aka 90% of the text :smiling_imp:) so they really could be anything.

Hope this helps someone figure it out.


That almost looks like a cup or a grail.


Maybe I was reading it the wrong way but I saw

instead of

To me it just seemed easier to read, which is why I thought it was that way ^^; oops!(?)

Also, sorry for the late post, I was busy watching the entire first season of a show I am way late to the bandwagon for.


Could definitely be that way too Bells. I just rotated inwards but it could be rotated any way or even mirrored maybe. I rotated the other one below too just in case it is supposed to go the other way as well.

If I squint, the last word almost looks like “com” :spy:


Well ending in com sounds like it’d be on the right track. The text on the page, especially the part with vines, is in different orientations. Perhaps that’s a clue which way to read each part of the gate.

If the right side is rotated 90 degrees clockwise. Maybe the left leg side is 90 degrees counter clockwise and the top is upside down?

My random thought that just woke me up anyway.

Edit: now that I’m awake and spent more time on this…i got nothing. It might not even be english.


Yeah might not be English, could be an anagram, or even a cipher (maybe Rail Fence since it kind of looks like it’s on a rail fence gate?). I think we just need to figure out the letters first and then work from there.


That’s some great work, @Kelsey. I know it doesn’t feel like it, but it’s helping. If the last letters are “com” then it’s very possible that the gate leads us to a website. So it’s possible the letters don’t have to spell anything we would recognize since that isn’t necessary for a website. Of course, we have to be able to READ the letters in order to type in the url. Other than this, I’m not sure where else to go. Thoughts?


Thanks. And I hope the last letters are “com” but maybe I’m just seeing what I want to see. Like you said, we have to actually be able to read the letters and there are currently a few too many possibilities to be certain. I guess we could brute force it and try all the combinations we see, but that could take a while. I’m stuck. I really don’t want to have to use a hint yet :disappointed_relieved:


Me neither, this is the first puzzle and to use a hint just seems embarrassing ^^; I’m sure the book doesn’t even care as long as we get it done but I dunno, I guess I care haha


On the other hand… I believe the first fragment was pretty much a single page like this one. There may be no next puzzle in this fragment. Although, I’m wagering there is.

Well, if no one has any ideas in the next day or two, I think we should consider asking for a clue.

If people want to take some stabs at what the words are I’ll be happy to blunt force test them. Sometimes it just needs a lot of leg work.


Wara means following in Maltese, “Fish-following” sounds like a river. But, I’m also gonna bring up the idea that it may be a word scramble.

and unrelated fact, which is what lead me to try to put the word through a translator in the first place: the word Wara appears on a few old anti-Nazi (and later anti-Communist) posters from Poland. Irrelevant, but interesting.


Come on, random guess with me. We can do this.

That first word looks sort of like Ciecay… I feel pretty good thinking the last 3 letters are ‘cay’. It’s that first letter that really confuses me. Is it maybe a ‘D’ that would give us ‘Decay’ which is at least English.

That second word. Man that’s a train wreck (and this is coming from someone who’s cursive was utterly illegible in school.) I want to say there’s a ‘j’ in there but the beginning and end of that word are just gibberish to me. Anyone see anything in there? Do we even think that’s a word?

I totally buy that 3rd word is com though.


could be a website, maybe we could try typing in urls 'till one of us finds something?


To me it the first letter looks like an M, or like a really weird U.
As far as the other one, honestly I think that maybe the first word is supposed to be oriented one way, and the other one is supposed to be another way, because that doesn’t even look like a human language to me. Looks like a friggin alien alphabet.


After taking a break from my computer for the weekend, I am back to lend a hand in anyway I can. I am just reading over the poem (many, many times in fact) to see what ideas I can come up with. I also want to explore the morse code a bit, and see if I can expand on what you all have already discovered.


I’m all for random guessing! I hate to throw a monkey wrench into things but I think the last three letters may not be “cay” but “cag.” Or “rag.” Oh hell, I have no idea.


I think I’ve figured something out. Look.

It’s still tough to read but I’m 98% sure it’s a website. I took the two outside “words” and cut them at the fence then pasted them to the bottom of the long “word” at the top of the gate. I think we can brute force this into something!