SOLVED: Fragment Five: Brachursis


Just got the email:

You seem restless, long you’ve waited
Your every other breath is bated
Well, rub your eyes, become unbored
Another fragment’s come unmoored


The Cagliostro

Have I missed it or is there a new part in the Deeds-Blog entry with a Book-Page?!


Here we go!! Let’s do this you guys!!


Did a quick rearanging of the text fragments… The blue letters is the morse code …
The lines remind me of rivers on a map… and there seems to be Text hidden in the picture on the bottom…


I found the morse code thing as well (I also tried it in a bunch of different orders, put those in too) but I couldn’t find anything to type it into, or at least anything that bore results.


There could be tow more morse signs (…) in the “fence” picture on the bottom?The would both be an “i”


There’s definitely a bunch of words in the fence at the bottom. Looks like one on the left, 2 up top and 2 on the right.

Can’t make much out of them so far.


The best I’ve been able to come up with is vaccod hiost (top 2) wacog (left) mo evlfe (right) but that doesn’t even make sense. Thought maybe it was an anagram for something but no luck there either.


Well the morse code letters spell out


Which is suspiciously close to me to the dinosaur

ichthyosaur which means ‘fish-lizard’. ichthys means fish in greek. with sauros meaning lizard.

So ichthywara could mean ‘fish-something’. Assuming the ‘wara’ part means something.

Given this is a story that ends with a creature in the water, this could be the name of the creature.


What about the roman numerals? I got - 323.326.385.394.395.410.435


Looks like more of whatever it is that it’s counting. I’ve been tracking a list of them, but so far no pattern I can find other than they ascend.


I always want to read “xyz History” but there would be to much signs… ^^


I initially read history as well! Upon closer inspection it doesn’t seem to be so, though I still struggle with purging that from my mind :slight_smile:

Honestly the more I look at it, the more what I see changes. Now I’m seeing “Vaecoc Hiostrn”


I’m having difficulty figuring out the words as well. But it’s not a fence, rather a gate.You can see the hinges on the left side. The difference may not matter but I wanted to put it out there just in case.


Wow! Fast work! Exciting! I checked the pages before leaving today, and nothing was new on Deeds Done. I come home 10 min ago and MAGIQ! New stuff!

I’m catching up!


Perhaps someone can try and isolate the text in the picture. Get rid of all the vines that don’t make up letters, sharpen and rotate the text, and see if anything can be seen? I can give it a try once I’m done my essay later this evening :writing_hand:


I would do it myself, but I can’t distinguish between what vines don’t make letters and which ones do!


I tried tweaking the Gate Words to see if there was a way to make them more visible. This is the best I could do:

I know it doesn’t really help, but maybe someone with younger eyes can make sense of it.


I’ve looked at this for a good while now, and I still can’t get a definite conclusion on what it says. Even what I could see doesn’t make sense, but here’s every single thing I saw in that picture:
vaccoc hiostrer
varcec hiestry
Uoccac hiostes
(these can all be swapped amongst each other as well)


mo eulee
mo evlee
mo evlfe
mo eulfe
me euveo

So yeah, I got nothing, and I’m 95% certain I’m the second youngest Mountaineer. I hope others have more luck trying to figure all that out. We never did fully decipher the morse code either, but @Robert’s idea seems pretty solid, I couldn’t find anything for it though, so who knows.


I tried to edit out some of the junk and rotated the pieces but I’m not sure it even helped lol