SOLVED Fragment Eleven: Durkonos


So fragment has been found.


Didn’t know where to put this since you found the fragment but Whistler wrote back:

More of the same. Checking stacks. Looking at logs. For almost 22 hours. Yesterday there was another team working on the server floor (not the weird group wandering around, but they were there too) and it turns out they’re working on some kind of search. We’re locking down the fortress and they’re looking for something outside the fortress (fire)walls.

On the way in I asked the woman who mentioned Kendrick where her department actually was. She just kept saying she didn’t know what I meant, like I was the one not making sense.

I tried to follow her when we got to work but she went down a locked hall that I don’t know if I have access to. If I try my badge and it doesn’t work the entry try will be logged. And I don’t know if I could purge it before someone saw it (actually don’t know if I could purge it at all.)

Nobody notices the elevators on the south wall, still. I backed against the wall today, leaned against the button just to check. They won’t work without a badge swipe. I know I had access at some point, but it might’ve been temp and I don’t wanna risk that log entry either. Getting hard to be the good little worker ant when I want to burn down the ant hill.

Sorry I don’t have more to tell you.

Questions for you. What made you start looking into the company? How do you know so much about it? Are there other whistleblowers?

Would be nice to know I’m not alone in this.

Got any advice?
Next steps?
I know this might take a while but I need to do something now.

I feel like I’m drowning under all of these memories. Like I know who I am but can’t break the surface, can’t catch my breath.


I recommend making a new thread and titling it Whistler. To (obviously) talk about Whistler and have a dedicated place for @Marty.60 to post communication from him.

On another note, it seems that Whistler is reaching a breaking point. He might do something on his own soon, and we need to make sure that when he acts, it’s in our interest.


I agree. Whistler should have his own thread so we can organize what we get from him and brainstorm ways to help, and questions.


Alright, I’ll make it.

EDIT: New thread linked here


Brace yourselves, a storm is brewing.


I don’t have a Dropbox, but here are the images:
9-Galifanx (labeled as fanx.png and found at this weird url):

10-Gladitor (labeled as glad.png):

11-Durkonos (labeled as durkonus.png):


Thank you!!


Good job everyone!! You guys kicked some serious fragment booty while I was away!

And @Marty.60, thanks you sharing with us what you did. Obviously we couldn’t have done it without you trusting us and being vulnerable with us when it went against every instinct


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