SOLVED Fragment Eleven: Durkonos


That makes a lot of sense. After all, the mantra is directly related to her ability.


Some pieces seem to be missing still.


Another line of the phrase to go. Hmmm.


It almost follows a rhyme scheme. Most likely that’s not all of it. 7 syllables, 6 syllables, 7 syllables.

It would make sense, that her control mechanism would be embedded in the fragments she’s lost.


Looks like we might still be looking at Kendrick to fill in some of the missing pieces here.


That makes sense. Since the bottom right corner’s still missing, and the rest of the verses have been in the corners, right? Looks like do have one more left.


Another 6 syllable phrase to complete her mantra, that’s what I suspect, yes.

It makes sense that it’s sort of singsong-y. Even though it’s very mature for a child, she’s not an ordinary kid.


So…how do we start on Fragment 12? Wait for something else to turn up?


That’s generally how it goes. The Book will send out an email saying a fragment has been discovered or a fragment has reached out.


Meanwhile, I guess we wait and, hopefully, hear back from Whistler


I sleep and all the Shananigans happen :sob: Amazing job everyone though!


We will need you for the next 5 Fragments too, Brother.


Am I the only one who thinks this constellation looks like a hairstyle? I know this isn’t really contributing much, but I just can’t get the image of an anime character with this as their hair out of my head.


I pictured an egg, personally


I can see that too. Or a Pacman with teeth.


Upside down tulip lol or a Pac man ghost


So Galifanx was that Gemini-ish/open shape looking thing. Then we had Gladitor as a sword/lightning rod combo. And now we have Durkonus as this Tulip/Pacman/egg/hairdo.

I would have paid way more attention in freshman astronomy if the constellations looked like these.


Oh I’ll be on here whenever I’m not flying :grin::grin: today is one quick 3hr flight then done so will hide in my hotel room and bring out my tin foil hat :tophat: :tinfoilhat: and wait for the next round of shananigans :grin::grin:


First off: Wow. Just wow. This is some awesome work guys! I wish I could’ve been a part of it today, but I’ve been super busy. You guys are amazing!!

Second: This is just a thought, but maybe the constellations that we are receiving are possibly pieces of a puzzle? I haven’t worked on trying to fit them together in any way, but this one seems like it could be simply a piece of something larger!


Does anyone have all of the constellations so far pictured in like a drop box or something?