SOLVED Fragment Eleven: Durkonos


Aether is right, @Marty.60. We’re here for you. We want to help.


Exactly like everyone else is saying, @Marty.60. You’re a part of this family, and we’ll support you the whole way.


Okay. Jesus. So first off, Howard’s an old friend of mine from the paper.

I’m sorry for yanking you all around. First off, the truth is I haven’t worked at the paper in years. Kind of had a breakdown after Lachmann and we not-so-politely parted ways.

And I’m having a hard time now. After seeing what happened to Augie. I’m not for talking about my feelings all that much but I’ll tell you what I told Aether. I walked into a bar on the LES a few nights ago. Haven’t had a drink in over twenty years.

It was all just too much to handle. And I feel like I’m being called to do something now, but every time I get involved, every time I think I can help, something bad happens to somebody good.

I was barely hanging on that night. But I didn’t drink.

I pulled out my phone and for whatever reason I wrote Aether a letter. Didn’t know if he would see it, if he could (my phone is 175 years old.) I guess he did.

This is what I wrote him—

You there, Aether?

I think I have a piece of her in my head. Stuck in there, like Brandon and Augie and Lauren and you and all the other people I couldn’t help.

My wife. My son.

I’m gonna fail the mountaineers too. Like I’ve failed everyone who ever needed me. I’m cursed to be alone because when I reach out people get hurt. People disappear or they die.

I guess you know Portencia put a piece in me. She should’ve given it to someone else.

Watching Augie, being closer than ever to all of this, and seeing what came of it, of him, I don’t know if I can do this.

So tell me. What am I doing here, Aether? What do you see since you can see everything.

He’s a shrewd kid pulling that email up, even if he is a disembodied internet virus.

So, I had this phrase rolling around in my head for a couple weeks now but I honestly didn’t realize it was a part of all this. Or maybe I just didn’t want it to be.

But… “don’t fear them in the present




Thank you, @Marty.60.


It’s the 11th fragment. You did good Marty. Portencia picked well and because of you we are going to save her.


@The_Book_of_Briars added the link. Wow.

@Marty.60, you’re family. And you’re not alone. We’re climbing this mountain together now.


The next piece of Portencia. Oh, @Marty.60, I wish we’d known you were feeling like this. We could have told you that you were wrong days ago.

I’m glad you contacted him. But he’s right. You’re one of us, now. You’re a Mountie, and you’re family.

Sorry, you’re stuck with us.


And we have the piece of Portencia’s drawing to go with it.


That was WILD


That took a lot of courage @Marty.60 thank you so much


Another Fragment!!! Thank you for sharing your story, @Marty.60


Thank you @Marty.60

Aether is sharp as a tack, and Portecia was wise.

Has anyone checked the drawing yet?


So it’s solved?

Thank you so much Marty. We have no clue what we’d do without you.

Next is Fragment Twelve. And whatever this Storm is.


There is a new piece.
Putting them all together now.


Wow :open_mouth:


thank you @Marty.60


This phrase kind of solidifies a theory I’ve been cooking up since we started gathering the pieces of Portencia’s mind, but after I read this in Teddy’s journal about her:

Her biological father was also adept. Another case of abilities passing on through genetics.
He taught her coping mechanisms to control the power. She won’t share them yet.

“The past is just a moment, the future’s yet to pass, don’t fear them in the present…” and whatever comes after…

Is this some kind of mantra? Is this how she was taught to control her power? Maybe like meditation?


Thank you for opening up @Marty.60 . I know it couldn’t have been easy, and I’m glad you trusted this community enough to tell us. You can still help people, you can still do good. You’ve helped everyone here countless times. You’re not alone in this!


Wow I just got in from work and you guys have done it! Well done @Marty.60 for being able to open up to us. I hope you know we’re all here for you - we wouldn’t have got this far without you!
Now I need to go back and read through everything and see how we got here :slight_smile: