SOLVED Fragment Eleven: Durkonos


@MissEvans I’ll take a quick look (good thinking :slight_smile:)


Just saw GUI, maybe from MAGIQ GUIDE?


Oh nevermind


Nice find @Ricardo! I like that idea @MissEvans

Page 45 (450 Mhz) is Wonder
Page 13 (1.3 Ghz) is Beckoning (OF course it’s Beckoning…)
Page 27 (2.7 Ghz) is Lead

Maybe something about those pages.


Page 13 is Beckoning


Page 13 says click (which takes to Weatherwatch) then turn to pg80 - which doesn’t exist.

Perhaps the no. 80?

Taking a massive tangent hear but the report mentioned police using gas leak effects to cover up unexplained activity. This might connect the the madela effect - where people remember Nelson Mandela dying in the 1980s instead of later being released… A bit off the wall but that’s where my brain’s at.


Page 45 Wonder does the same for Ebenguard on “page 74”


was this always like this?


Ebenguard is page 74 in the actual Guide and Weatherwatch is page 80.


Yep, the original Guide is like that.


So is this a prompt to be looking at our guilds?


Maybe we need to somehow use those weird characters in the video name "./.jl/-.hd .mhz.hkw0 " as part of a url to the magiq guide.

I notice the letters ‘mhz’ (abbreaviation for megahertz) is in there. That’s an odd coincidence.

Edit: On reflection that 0 at the end may be part of the original title ‘Episode xx0’ So it might just be “./.jl/-.hd .mhz.hkw” that is important.


Typed in the megahertz into the magiq guide url

Nothing new to the guide that I can tell.


It’s a good instinct, but I believe any number entered into the guide url does the same thing. It’s just an artifact of how it’s structured.


Yeah, unless the url corresponds to an actual existing page, it’ll just take you to the main page.


Has anyone tried anagraming that "./.jl/-.hd .mhz.hkw0’ combination into a link? Aether has done that before, so it might be worth looking into.


Hmmm… Those characters have to mean something right?


They honestly might mean nothing. But it’s the best lead I’ve got right now. :slight_smile:


Well, the number associated with the MHz in the video is 450. That’s page “45” if we follow logic from earlier. Page 45 takes you to Ebenguard.

I dunno. I’m not sure what Aether wants us to find.


i know we’ve tried adding it to the magiq guide, which didn’t work, but i don’t know about where else it’s been tried.