SOLVED Fragment Eleven: Durkonos


And, supplementary: why did it go to them? Not so much why them, as a group, but what has been achieved for us, or for them, by the sharing of that recording?

I wonder what their board members are asking…


I’m sure there are people in The Low that know about us. We made a pretty big public splash by publishing The MAGIQ Guide last year.


I’m at work otherwise I would take on the last section, but I did skim through the 9-12 segment, and to save you some pain @Nahemah the images only appear at the 10 and 12 minute mark.
So perhaps we should be doing 2 minute segments rather than 3?


You came late, unfortonately, I already checked from 9-12 and found nothing, but thanks anyway :wink:


Not sure if this has been mentioned, but I noticed ‘IG’ around 3.55 - so, MAGIQ is around that point.


I didn’t see anything in 0-3 or 9-til the end.

So we havew

3:55:04 - MAG
3:55:51 - IQ (Great spot @lolitha!)
4:01:95 - DE

These timestamps also seem to pretty closely mark the beginning and the end of the list of frequencies given.

450 Mhz
1.3 Ghz
2.7 Ghz

Maybe we need to use all this in combo somewhere?



3:55:53- IQ In the middle left ish area


Added to the list!


Also, I noticed that those two glitched areas are the only ones that appear without one of the podcasters mentioning The Cagliostro (aside from the glitches at the beginning and end of the report.)


I’ve watched it from 9 to the end of the video and found nothing else, so maybe that is all.


Dang it I wanted to help with the frame by frame thing. Good Job nonetheless


So, with the frequency to avoid comment, are strong magiq fields capable of electrical distortion? Hence the glitches on the recordings being related to the power of C’s name?


I think the 20 or so seconds around these disturbances should probably be gone through again if you care to @Ricardo If the word ‘Magiq’ is spelled out maybe ‘de’ is part of a word too, but I don’t see anything


So, just from the minute 4 and onward?


From 3:54 onward for about 20 seconds, yeah


GUI at 4:01:52, so we have MAGIQ GUIDE

WOW, I tried and that’s the page from Ackerly Green’s Guide To Magiq…


So, we’re probably looking for something specifically inside the MAGIQ guide.

Any ideas?


Let’s find out. Nice find @Nahemah!!


Great find!


Pages 13, 27 and 45? Screen shotted, but nothing out of the ordinary… any better eyes?