SOLVED Fragment Eleven: Durkonos


I’ve come to the conclusion from my travels that the Low isn’t a single pocket organization, but more of a collective of many pockets around the world, not all of them closely connected. It’s probably much, much bigger than we might have suspected.

@Endri is right. They’ve probably only just been moving deeper underground. And they probably know more about The Storm than we do.


I’ve been running the “Episo ./.jl/-.hd .mhz.hkw0” as a tag on the end of URLs but so far I’ve got nothing.


@Marty.60 what did the message you sent say? And what was his response? Maybe there’s a clue there as to what direction we are supposed to look?


Maybe Martin isn’t Marty.

Do we know another Martin?


I only know the one Martin.

My guess is @xxxxaetherxxxx hid something in the interference again like last time with the 117-2. That took us days to find until @Kelsey found it. I’m going through the interference frame by frame but it’s slow. Anyone else taking a look at the interference? Maybe we can split up sections. 15 minutes frame by frame is mind numbing.


I think this was definitely for me. And @Brit, it’s not something worth sharing.


I’ll take a section. I’m on the way to my office now. Three minute sections for everyone?

@Marty.60, I just sort of expect you to produce a trove of enlightenment at this point. When you said you didn’t know… threw me off a bit.


Count me in for a section too.


Sure, I’ll start with 0-3 minutes.

Second random thought. Has MArty’s recording been changed any way from it’s original version? Maybe Aether modified it in a way he expect Marty to notice.


I’ll take 3-6.

And that’s a good idea.


6-9 here.

Where can the original recording be found?


At 3:54, the word MAG in the middle-left side of the screen.


The original recording is here:


Good spot!


Thought I saw something else like “DE” at 4:00-4:01 close to the same spot, but I may be missing more. Need to watch with slower playback speed.


I like rowvid for watching videos frame by frame. Easy to use and nothing to install.

Edit: And yes, 4:01:96 Definitely DE


Just went through listening to the original recording and the podcast version and from what I can tell they were identical


I’ll take 9-12 and check for more messages


Forgive the silly question: do we know how The Low got hold of the recording?


Not a silly question. We don’t know. Aether has been on our site, he could have shared it. That’s my bet, but it’s just a guess.