SOLVED Fragment Eleven: Durkonos


location of the gutherie


THANK YOU TIMES A MILLION. I have sensory issues, and listening to this was very difficult.


Dang, I won’t be in Minneapolis for a few weeks. Hmm.


That is a very interesting point. I wonder if Gale and her team are linked to KS in some way? Seeing as KS hosted Cags’ server, they definitely do some IT work, so it would make sense.


There are a couple of things that make me think that KS and the Low aren’t directly related, or at least in a balanced relationship. Constance and Aether both had access to low levels of the Low, but it didn’t seem like she knew much about KS. If she did, then she would have had the option of asking for assistance from others in the Low. The other is the Low Report we got today seems to indicate that information about the Cagliostro isn’t common knowledge. They know who he is but not much more it seems. So maybe the Cags’ relation to KS doesn’t translate to a connection to the rest of the Low


The Low Report is sponsored by Endeavor Safety Solutions

Nate: On Thursday, the website was down for twelve hours due to a DDOS attack. Gale and her team are still investigating the source. Gale has issued a new set of guidelines for protecting your sites and access to the main pages. Please check your inbox in the usual manner. A rare copy of The Chromacopia(?) Vol 3 has been found put up for auction on Darkbid. The book sold for over 3,000 bitcoin to an unnamed bidder. Police were left baffled last Friday when shoppers in London District began to report seeing a woman levitating. More on this from Allen Taylor.
Allen: Witnesses on Camden High Street claim to have seen a woman rise at least a meter off the ground in what one man described as an act of flight.
Man: She was just **stood there one minute **and then sort of hovering in the air. She moved a little like she was flying but not far. I ain’t seen nothing like it. Never, never seen nothing like it.
Allen: Police are attributing the incident to a form of mass hallucination caused by a gas leak, which is a known tactic for dealing with unexplained phenomenon. Local sources tell me that known operatives were in the area and they believe that the woman was not responsible for her own actions but was under the influence of an unseen assailant. These same sources confirm that there have been similar events before and that the relevant signs still linger in the area.
M: You can see here and here. These appeared…the day before…The inter?? (Also thick accent, halp?)
Allen: My Source shows me the symbols sprayed on nearby walls. Signs we’ve all come to recognize and, for some of us, come to fear.

I hope this helps a bit chaps.


From the recording one line really popped out at me:
The Kemitae bring waves of thunder.

Kemitae would be people relating to the kemetic.
Does this mean the KS bring the storm… or have, in the past plays of this loop, been the storm bringers?


Is anyone else not able to get to the Kimetic Solutions page?


Other observations - the Low report almost sounds like a podcast by an equivalent to us. They have boards, a website, they’re finding stuff that sounds utterly random and discussing it, and they’re just a bit bigger than us.


From what I can gather, they don’t seem to have a purpose other than finding maqical happenings. They aren’t in pursuit of a goal like we are.


I also wonder if the presenters are all assumed names: James McCall was an 18th century US politician.


That’s an interesting theory as well. It would make sense if, like @Endri said, they were going further and further into hiding from something.


Potential :tinfoilhat: time. The podcast references the event happening on the 30th, meaning it happened before then. They also reference that the DDOS attack occurred on Thursday, which if it was the Thursday immediately prior would be the 27th. Aether contacted us with the information for this fragment on the 27th. Not sure how useful that tidbit is, but it sure seems to point towards Aether’s work.


I was thinking the times married up - the board was all hoping for a Low reach out by Aether. Maybe he did it.


DDOS attacks are caused by multiple sources, all at once. It makes them different from regular DOS attacks, which are only perpetrated by a single source.

So, either Aether can exist in multiple places at once while he’s like this, or it was something else.


Has Marty seen the video yet? Aether said that he needs to see it and he’d understand.


Not that we know of.
I’m hoping he can shed some light on some of the goings on.


Saw it this morning. Don’t know much more than you do. I tried to send Aether a message a few days back (long story) and other than letting me know he got it I’m not sure what to do with this. This cryptic stuff is sort of the purview of the mountaineers, though it’s kinda weird to hear them wondering who I am.

Wish I could help. Still waiting to hear back from Whistler. Been a couple days and I’ve sent a couple messages. If he did another 24 hour shift he might just be recovering. Trying not to go to the dark place with all the quiet. Will let you know.


Thanks for the check-in. We’re worried too. Living on fragments means there’s a lot of gaps for each of us.


Thanks Marty. So Aether thinks there is some use to this video, something we can find. We can always trawl the distorted bits and see what we could find. And someone mentioned checking out the random sequence in the title.

The Low Report - Episo ./.jl/-.hd .mhz.hkw0

So the Low is more organized than we thought, since they have a weekly report. And we need to find the forum. There could be more information there than we’ve ever found before and I am salivating at the thought.