SOLVED Fragment Eleven: Durkonos


Hopefully, Whistler will have more news for us, soon. Hopefully trying to remember doesn’t get him caught.

He’s our best chance at helping Portencia, and saving Aether and Climber, and whoever else they have held in there.

If I could request one bit of info from the Magiqal Powers That Be, it would be about The Chair. What it is. What it does. How we can destroy it. Do we have any theories? I haven’t personally seen any concrete information outside the fact that it’s dangerous to be near it, and that you can hardwire someone to it.

I don’t like to think about the thing, but the visual is pretty stuck in my head, now.


My theories on The Chair is that it’s some kind of battery and the adepts are the charger. It needs their magiq to do whatever it is that it does. Or maybe it could amplify their powers so they’re able to reach the door and possibly open it.


I like that idea, but it leads me to question why Teddy says it’s dangerous to even be in the same room with The Chair. By this theory, is he adept in some small way? Would The Chair start draining their magiq as soon as they’re near? Or is it only dangerous for those who aren’t adept? Trying to draw them in?

I don’t know. Late night ramblings.


Those are good questions. I don’t know if Teddy is capable of magiq but that gave me an idea. Maybe he’s able to find the adepts because he has some sort of magiqal ability that he uses to find them. Kind of like a magiqal compass that points him towards other magiqal beings.


@Marty.60 Uhhhh, my friend, you have been summoned by Aether. O_O

“The Low Report - Episo./.jl/-.hd .mhz.hkw0”

“For Martin
he will u derstand”


What website are they talking about?


I genuinely don’t know what to make of this… If it was covered up, who did it and why. That might give us some more insight towards who we can trust.


They keep talking about a website and forum where people talk about this stuff. Does anyone know what it is?
Also the sponsor “Endeavour Safety Solutions” might be something that’s worth checking.
Also the title of the videos makes me think that Aether is probably trying to tell us something else.


Quick Google produced nothing of interest, if someone is on a desktop running random URLs on some of our known sites might yeild something


I think they’re other sites in The Low that we don’t know about. Something tells me they aren’t the point of Aether posting this.


Do you think that random letter bit after the title to the video means anything?


Ok my heart has healed a lil bit, time to dissect some of this bad boy. Here’s a transcript, as best as I could manage -

The Low Report is sponsored by Endeavor Safety Solutions
Nate: Hello, welcome to The Low Report, your weekly guide to all things in the magiqal underground. I’m your host Nathaniel Armitage and I’m joined as always by my trusty colleague James McCall. Hi Mac, how are you doing?
Mac: I’m good. It’s great to be here again as always. I’m looking forward to today’s show.
Nate: Well today’s show is all about yours and my favorite. Yeah, we’re talking about the Cagliostro, of course.
Mac: Awesome.
Nate: Somebody who is very familiar to our listeners and to us, so it will be interesting, you’ve heard about the recording,
Mac: Ah, yes
Nate: It’s recently surfaced. Fascinating, fascinating.
Mac: It is, absolutely fascinating.
Nate: So we’re gonna listen to that. We have a copy of the recording.
Mac: Excellent.
Nate: We’re going to play that and see what we can make of it. It’s an interesting, an interesting listen. Something I’m sure some of our listeners will have already heard.
Mac: Definitely.
Nate: But for us, I think this is the most access we’ve ever had. It’s really quite interesting, I mean we don’t know where this is coming from, who created it, who that guy is. We’ve got names and here we obviously know the Cagliostro. We know Lauren, we know that name, we’ve heard that name before. But this guy who recorded it, who is he?
Mac: I guess we’ll find out.
Nate: But first lets focus on our news report.
Nate: On Thursday, the website was down for twelve hours due to a DDOS attack. Gale and her team are still investigating the source. Gale has issued a new set of guidelines for protecting your sites and access to the main pages. Please check your inbox in the usual manner. A rare copy of The Chromacopia(?) Vol 3 has been found put up for auction on Darkbid. The book sold for over 3,000 bitcoin to an unnamed bidder. Police were left baffled last Friday when shoppers in London District began to report seeing a woman levitating. More on this from Allen Taylor.
Allen: Witnesses on Camden High Street claim to have seen a woman rise at least a meter off the ground in what one man described as an act of flight.
Man: She was just a day(?) woman here and then sort of hovering in the air. She ??? like she was flying pretty far. I didn’t see nothing like it, never seen nothing like it. (Thick accent, anyone wanna take a stab?)
Allen: Police are attributing the incident to a form of mass hallucination caused by a gas leak, which is a known tactic for dealing with unexplained phenomenon. Local sources tell me that known operatives were in the area and they believe that the woman was not responsible for her own actions but was under the influence of an unseen assailant. These same sources confirm that there have been similar events before and that the relevant signs still linger in the area.
M: You can see here and here. These ???..the day before…The inter?? (Also thick accent, halp?)
Allen: Mason(?) shows me the symbols sprayed on nearby walls. Signs we’ve all come to recognize and, for some of us, come to fear.
Nate: Allen Taylor in London there. April 30th marks the festival of renewal. Make sure you get out and pay respect to our winged friends who pass on their lives and memories to the next generation. Delegation is expected in the Guthrie, just north of I-35. Aiden has the details on the website for those of you wishing to attend. And finally, Gemma reminds us that the frequencies to avoid this week are 450 megahertz, 1.3 gigahertz, and 2.7 gigahertz. And that’s the news for this week.
Nate: Ok, so let’s get into it. We’re gonna play the recording and then we’re gonna talk about what we hear. If you haven’t heard this before, I wanna warn you. It gets deep. So you know.
Mac: Watch out.
Nate: Just be ready. Ok.

  • Marty’s Recording of The Translation -
    Mac: Oh boy.
    Nate: And that’s where it ends. Right?
    Mac: That’s ridiculous. Ridiculous.
    Nate: I had so many questions
    Mac: Me too, I can’t believe it.
    Nate: What is that noise?
    Mac: Every time I hear it.
    Nate: What is that noise? It’s like a wind? Or something?
    Mac: I don’t know
    Nate: I dunno, there’s clearly some kind of transformation.
    Mac: Definitely ,definitely.
    Nate: We need to unpack the whole thing. But where do we start? Maybe this is something we should open up to the listeners and get them to discuss on the website. We haven’t actually, in the forums, discussed this fully before. I’m not sure we understand the significance of it. But, I mean, when the object, when it opens, what is that?
    Mac: Terrifying is what it is. I do not know what is inside that thing or what was unleashed, but it’s clearly some kind of apparition or, I don’t want to say creature, that sounds ridiculous. But the reaction of those people. There was something there that made them absolutely terrified. I’m terrified listening to it. But you know, I don’t know what it was and I don’t want to particularly hypothesize.
    Nate: But I also, then, you know, what has she become? She’s now, she’s the Cagliostro, right?
    Mac: I think that’s what she says at the end. That she has become the Cagliostro, that this thing has passed into her. She is like possessed by it or become it? You can heart it, there’s those voices. That transfer from him to her.
    Nate: Cagliostra? I dunno, I mean maybe.
    Mac: Maybe.
    Nate: It’s such a mystery, we don’t really understand fully the title and how it is inherited, but we know now that it is some kind of mystical force, some kind of transformation.
    Mac: Yeah
    Nate: We can hear that.
    Mac: Definitely.
    Nate: What has happened to, I mean who is this guy that recorded this? We have no idea and he’s hiding. Why hide?
    Mac: Well he’s got to protect so much.
    Nate: Why is no one talking about -
    Mac: I don’t know.
    Nate: this -
    Mac: That freaks me out.
    Nate: - beyond our world?
    Mac: Yeah. Our community.
    Nate: Yeah.
    Mac: I mean, I’m not one for conspiracy theories, I think that’s ridiculous but something feels like this has been silenced or closed down in some way. Now I’m not saying that that is some sort of stupid governmental thing. I’m thinking it’s probably more magiqal in nature. It has been erased or tampered with so that people don’t remember this stuff or can’t see it for some reason.
    Nate: Grand Central Station, man. I don’t understand.
    Mac: No, you’d know, wouldn’t you?
    Nate: But -
    Mac: I mean you can hear the people at the end. You can hear that there are commuters walking about. They must have noticed something. Must have. To cast a spell to hide an event of that size and magnitude would require a magician of enormous power. Enormous power. That’s what I’m saying.
    Nate: But I guess we’ll never know. I mean, this is, I feel like this is just the beginning. I feel like this is just the start of something, her journey. Where is she?
    Mac: Lauren, the Cagliostro.
    Nate: What has happened to her and to him, to the original Cagliostro? Is he actually dead? And is she in danger? Is she coming back? Should we be worried about her? I just don’t know any of this stuff. And that worries me.
    Mac: Absolutely yeah.
    Nate: What is this? How dangerous is this? Who were those people? Who were those guests?
    Mac: Acolytes, I guess. Believers.
    Nate: So yeah, lot of questions. And we’re not gonna answer them in the fifteen minutes we have here.
    Mac: No, no no.
    Nate: Maybe this is something we should pick up on another episode, I dunno, but I think we should also open it up to the forum so, if you have an opinion, get to the website and tell us what you think. I think we can report back on this in a few week’s time when we know more. That’s all we have time for in this edition of the report. Be sure to tune in next week and, in the meantime, check out the website and the usual forums.
    The Lore Report was brought to you by Endeavor Solutions. Endeavor, looking after all your abnormal online needs.

There’s some distortions typical of Aether’s videos that we might want to look into. Also there’s a bit of audio weirdness at 2:15?


Thank you for the transcript.


Happy to help! There were some accent-y bits I couldn’t quite discern, but that’s most of it. If anyone has an ear for french, the symbols talk would be interesting to tear apart.

Definitely raises a lot of questions for me. Like, how did the recording get passed around to the Low? How come they don’t know Marty? And how much did they know about Cags and his history?

And lots of magimystical questions, too. Like what’s the deal with the frequencies to avoid? And who are the ‘winged friends’? Oh, and the symbols, too. Why are people afraid of them and what are they? Also, the way they were talking makes it seem like they didn’t realize the Low is being erased from the world. What’s the deal with that?


Absolutely. That’s what’s fascinating to me. All the implications. Though, the more I think about it, I’m not sure The Low is being wiped away as much as it’s going further and further underground to hide from someone or something.


It almost comes across that the Low don’t fully know about KS but have seen some signs that something bad/strange has been going on in their world. The DDOS attack also made me wonder if that was Aether working on his intel gathering.


I think what it most means is, despite the fact the low may have access to different tools than we do, they don’t have any better idea what’s going on than we do. In fact we’re ahead of them in some areas of understanding.

When you think about it. Why didn’t the Book of Briars reach out to people who already knew about magiq and how it worked? Over time any insulated group of people gets into a rut of sorts.

We may have help from the low, but our answers don’t lie there.


“Make sure you get out and pay respect to our winged friends who pass on their lives and memories to the next generation.”

Sounds like a reference to those who we know are Adept.

“Delegation is expected in the Guthrie, just north of I-35.”

Perhaps a location point of where the passing on might take place? And the frequencies could further pinpoint it perhaps since frequencies only go so far?


Will take a listen when I’m out of class. Might be able to help with the accents.
@Revenir - your typo may actually be making a point: Gale, spelled that way mean storm.


It seems like there’s a lot we don’t know about the world we’re in. I wish we could get this report with more frequency, maybe learn a bit more about what’s going on with their end.

This “Gale”, and the Low forum are especially interesting to me. So far, we’ve only had access to Low sites when Aether gives them to us, like the Lost Athenaeum, and only little bits at a time. If we could find these pages they talk about, we could learn a lot about magimystics, even if it’s only to satisfy our curiosity.