SOLVED Fragment Eleven: Durkonos


I’m not saying we should exploit him or make him a saboteur. I don’t think that there is anything he could do that would really do any major damage to KS, aside from what he has already done (i.e. contacting us). I’m just suggesting asking him to try and pay attention or gather more info on Kendrick’s situation which may lead to some lead on what we can do on our end.


I was speaking more in response to @Robert’s suggestion of actually getting him in the same room as Kendrick, and even potentially (yikes :grimacing:) waking him up. That’s likely to have some serious consequences no matter how well it’s pulled off, and I want to leave that until it’s absolutely the last idea we have.

I’m all for Whistler remaining where he is and continuing to do what he’s doing. I think if he’s going to do anything beyond that, however, it needs to be his idea first. We can’t pressure him into taking further action, or he might shut us out.


Well, if he were in the same room… that could leave options open to us performing a ritual with him as our direct link to Kendrick. I wish I knew what Aether was planning.


Let’s see what happens when Whistler’s next shift is over. They might get brave of their own accord.


Apologies in advance for long post, I think better when I type everything out More apologies because I’m new and you may have already figured all this out

I’m not super technologically savvy, so I can’t do anything to help with the audio, but the thing with the door…
In some kinds of therapy (I know trauma therapy, for one, possibly others), an exercise is done that is very similar to the door exercise. Basically, the therapist has you visualize a door, and then asks you to go through it. It can take you anywhere you want, and then the therapist asks you to describe where it was, what the door looked like, and where it took you-- all things that Teddy asked. We know Kemetic Solutions describes themselves as a technology company that invests in medical technology. Sleep studies were a thing they were doing. Teddy seems to be using this medical technique combine’d with technology to get Aether to open the door.
As far as Aether’s “levels” go, we know he’s hooked up to some kind of machine, be it medical or something else. Being in the medical profession myself, I can’t help but wonder if these levels are his Magiq levels, or if they’re medical, like a blood cell count or internal organ functions or something. His friend says he’s “doing really well,” but if the levels are medical and something like an ALT level is high, that is… not good. It leads to liver failure, basically. They’re trying to drain his power for lack of a better way to describe it, so its possible his health is failing (I had to be the pessimist, but we can’t rule anything out). Also, people have already died at KS, so…

TL;DR: Medical stuff!


I think you’re 100% correct in your assessment of Aether’s physical condition. What they’re doing to him is basically torture, and you’re right about their reasoning. Teddy’s convinced Aether will be able to open the door to the Source of Magiq.

He escaped them - or his mind did - but… We don’t know what will happen if he tries to go back, or if he can go back.


Now that I’m thinking about it, Teddy did say some things that basically amounted to “we’re not going to hurt you… today” before Aether (or his mind) got out. If only his mind is out, that still leaves his body in poor condition. The “high levels” makes me wonder if it’s the Magiq levels that are high, or medical levels, like I stated before. I’ll do some research into… well, medical research on humans…


The idea of KS having tech to determine someone’s Magiqal ability and levels is terrifying.


It does make sense, though. Remember we were wondering how KS finds these people in the first place?


When you put it that way, it seems much more likely.


Tracking levels of someone who is hooked to a machine versus tracking someone’s levels without them being hooked up would be two different techs, though, and one would be way more difficult than the other. If someone is hooked to a machine, or you have a sample (blood, etc), it’s easy to find levels. Just tracking them out in the open without any sort of reference point… that’s what would truly be “terrifying,” as @Deyavi put it.


Just a thought…

How easy is it to track @Marty.60 to the Mountaineers/Book?

Just in case Whistler isn’t all they seem to be.


With the safeguard protection in place theoretically no one who seeks us harm can find the mountaineers site.

That should fend off most small scale, immediate threats at least.


So maybe I missed it, but what is the next step? What are we working on/waiting for a response from currently? I really really really want to help, but after being overall absent from the forum for this week I’m not sure where we really are…


@BlackBronze and now we wait


We’ve been slowly recovering fragments of Portencia’s mind from people that they were trapped inside. It’s been giving us pieces of a child’s drawing, the importance of which we don’t fully understand yet. Currently, the only lead we have on that front is a man named Kendrick, who works at KS and is confirmed to have a part of Portentia’s mind within his own. We don’t have a great plan for getting it out of him, though.


So are we currently looking for the fragments of Portencia’s mind/trying to get them? From the look of it, we have some and know where some are, but just need to get them and find the rest.


I think that’s the best lead we have as of now. By completing the picture, we hope to gain a better understanding of Portencia and see if there are any messages hidden for us in the drawing.


I might need to add “resident expert in child psych” to my CV.
For real though, children are not my area of expertise so please feel free to disagree with me or have a different opinion than I do. I’ve studied development and I know some stuff about school psychology, but I’m much more focused on adolescents and young adults than I am with kids.


Haha, I’ll keep it in mind.

So far, your input has been very useful in paring down theories about the drawing, though.