SOLVED Fragment Eleven: Durkonos


It is possible, but we’d have to know his employee ID number, and his clearance level… and Aether would have to crack through Kemetic Solutions to expose his personal log for us.

Speaking of which, if we haven’t taken extensive screenshots of Teddy’s files yet, we need to. Because if Teddy discovers that his personal records have been hacked and vulnerable all this time, they may be closed to us in the future. So even if only for reference, it may be best to preserve them while we can.


I don’t have screenshots, but I do have transcripts of all of the logs, if it comes to that.


I only have one thing to say
Pennsylviania weather IS NOT lovely this time of year. It is in fact very moody.


I don’t even know why I would have doubted you and your Boss-ness.


Maybe that missing triangle in the middle of the picture is the bit of her in Kendrick. The bit with the house number on, perhaps?


I think we need the address, thats our next step.


I was having a play with the drawing trying to see if there was anything hidden there, and in putting the bits together I have a slightly different picture with no missing chunk in the middle. I don’t think this is anything.

If you copy the pictures and paste them into Paint, you can see black around the edges of the pieces.

There is definitely something else on the right hand tree though.


This may or may not have been remarked upon previously (I admit I skimmed a bit here and there) but why the h :balimora:ck is the sun blood red?


Maybe in reference to a time of day?


I didn’t think about that. Could be!


Also they don’t have feet


Wellll… she is a kid. Kids are bad at drawing feet, generally. I never drew feet when I was a kid.


Yeah, either they have no feet or something that doesn’t even look remotely like feet.

Or the kid could be an artistic genius or something, but that’s admittedly rare.


It might not mean anything. She might have only have black, red, blue and green to play with :slight_smile:
If you saw some of my son’s drawings you’d be seriously confused lol


Or the lack of feet could indicate they fact they can’t run or move…that they’re stuck?


That’s possible, but a lot of kids just don’t draw feet and hands. Like they’ll draw themselves holding food or something without hands and it just kinda sticks out of their arm. I’m a bit blurry on my stages of drawing, but extremities are one of the last things they start focusing on.


It’s nice that we have a resident expert in child psych. It’s extremely helpful :grin:


Okay, so we need to see what our Whistle blower is willing to do here. Ideally, we really need more intel on Kendrick and his situation. I don’t think we’re going to be able to convince him to try and take down KS entirely for us, but if he can get us enough information on Kendrick, we may be able to figure out a way to get that possibly last set of Portencia’s mind fragments out of his head. So, @Marty.60 have you heard back from him today? I assume he’s probably at work.


It definitely seems like the next big step could be to get Whistler into the room with Kendrick. Maybe Kendrick will just keep repeating the home address out loud, but if they’re still in a medical coma I’m not sure what to do. I doubt Whistler would have the necessary medical skills to wake Kendrick out of the coma safely.

But yes, Kendrick is a promising next step.


I’m at a loss for what to do next. On one hand, we could attempt to exploit Whistler, but I don’t know if it’s really the time to do so yet. Also, the man’s terrified. There’s no guarantee that he’ll step that far out of line against KS, no matter what he feels about them. I don’t think he’s expended his use as an informant yet; there’s no need to make him a saboteur.

On the other hand, Aether told us he’d be back soon in the same communication that told us about the Oracular Eye. If we wait for him before we move, he might be able to give us something to set us on to the next step. However, he may be waiting for us. In the end, we might just end up wasting time.

On the third hand (I know that’s not how this figure of speech works, but I’m doing it anyways), we could attempt to go in a completely different direction and search for an opening elsewhere, although the probability of that actually working seems extremely low, so please discount this third hand option immediately. It shouldn’t even be here. Humans don’t have three hands.

TL;DR: I have no clue what to do.