SOLVED Fragment Eleven: Durkonos


Ok, then I’ll just avoid that part of the city then. Unless new information comes to light.


We may gain more information that makes it necessary by that time. You may have to assist Marty in extracting Whistler if he can’t maintain his cover as a good little drone.

But for now, probably you should plan to steer clear. Any Mounties in the area should be very cautious.


Can we not find a way to cut their power? Particularly if Aether isn’t in their systems…That would leave them very very vulnerable.


I like the way you think… but… :sweat:

That assumes they don’t have a very healthy backup power system and procedures for the event of an outage, or sabotage.

And I suspect that, although their ineptitude in dealing with adepts says otherwise, they’re quite prepared to deal with normal, human threats. Like us.

I’d be the first to volunteer, myself. But the idea of any of you in danger is intolerable. And we just don’t have the information, not yet, to make a decisive move against them. We have to wait until either Whistler is able to supply us with intelligence of tactical value, or until KS makes a very serious strategic mistake.

And I think that Aether’s reached about the limit of the damage he can do to their systems.

So we have to wait.


Is there anything else that we should still be looking into? Other than Portencia’s drawing and waiting for Whistler?


Just occasionally keep checking the archives we know about to see if Aether drops anything on us like he did the Eye document. That’s a huge help. The sooner we find this information the more time we have to figure it out.


Hmis this new?


This is Kemetic Solutions creepy promotional video. I believe we found it in the last fragment? I think? All this Kemetic Solutions stuff is really starting to blend together in my head


Me too…it’s getting to the point I don’t remember what’s been found and what hasn’t lol



Running with the page above, I’ve had a pet nerd pulling the page apart a little. We found that lots of the letters in Aether’s message link back to the page itself.

The b and the / in obfuscated

The B in Broken
The S in Something
The a in watching and the . at the end
The g in something
The i in warping
The n in everything
The t in there
The v and the l in veil

Scratch that. Old ground it seems. As you were…


This is what led us to the of Sanvig :slight_smile:
What we never worked out was if there was any significance to the sequence of words and dots on the 117-2 page


Do we have any idea who Kendrick is and why he’s in a medically-induced coma?


KS researcher instrumental in fracturing Portencia’s mind. He administered the last session that broke her.


He’s the one who fractured Portencia. We think a piece of her mind is now in him


We know a piece of her mind is in him. Teddy said Kendrick was repeating Portencia’s home address after she was fractured.


Ah. Thank you. So, just a theory, if we get all of the pieces of Portencia’s drawing, will we wake him up somehow?


Your guess is as good as mine. I don’t know what’ll happen when we restore the drawing.

A clue is what I was thinking.


How do we get to the piece in Kendrick s head?


Whistler may be able to get close to him. In that event… there’s probably a spell, a ritual, that will do the trick. A healing, or an awakening.

I think that’s what Aether’s doing now, if that is the final piece of the puzzle. Risking himself to get close to KS again, though…


Hey if Teddy has a personal record…does Kendricks?