SOLVED Fragment Eleven: Durkonos


I think consultations with the hippocampus are a godsend… may have to start doing that.


Although I’m more than a little excited that he lives in boston, does that mean K.S is in Boston.


It is somewhere outside Boston, yes. Marty has some pictures of the campus in the fragment 10 thread near the beginning.

I’m guessing it’s somewhere in the vast office park spaces between 95 and 495 west of the city. I used to work out there and some of those places are tucked into the woods pretty well and isolated from one another.


I live in New England and also happen to be making a trip to boston soon, this sounds like the time to investigate!


Do we think that there is a possibility that KS could find Aether? Sounded to me like they aren’t just trying to secure their site from him.

Also, I wonder if we go back to watch Aether’s video, if we could get an idea of Whistler’s identity. It’s probable that he was working very closely with them on Aether’s project.

I’m still stuck on the thought that possibly, either Portencia had two fathers literally, or the term “fathers” used by Teddy meant forefathers.


I think that by “fathers”, Teddy meant literal fathers. In the line above, he talks about how she can’t go back home, and how Portencia is looking through him to see if he was lying about letting her go back home. Portencia’s a little kid; I think she’d be looking for her dads, not the long, storied history of The Palace vs. The Council.


Not to mention he specified her biological father once, meaning he had to specify between the two.


That’s also what I thought. Which makes it all worse, really, when you consider what she probably saw in Teddy’s mind when she looked.


That’s right.

I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t alone in my thinking.


No one should have to see that kind of thing. Especially not a little kid.

KS, we’re coming for you!


My heart breaks for her. I can’t begin to fully articulate how wrong it is. They’re lucky if all we do is burn their company to the ground.

They’re d :ebenguard: ning themselves.


Are we sure it’s not okay to send a group of volunteers in to infiltrate the building and sabotage them? Maybe find out what The Chair is for ourselves and destroy it?



That seems crazy dangerous. It’s a bad idea to throw ourselves into the lion’s den unless absolutely necessary, and it isn’t necessary yet.

We should be especially careful now, considering the impending Storm. We have enough problems without directly provoking KS.


I know, I know. We can’t execute a mission until we have gathered enough intelligence, anyway. It’d put the adepts in their custody at risk.

But… this can’t go on. Every day we delay is another day they’re subjected to KS’ mad doctor nonsense.


It’s unbearable, yes. But when we have our opening, we’ll make them pay. Dearly.


I’m a believer in justice, not vengeance. But what justice looks like for them, in my opinion, ain’t any prettier than revenge.


Revenge is a personal motivator, but it clouds the head. Justice suits the situation fairly well, I think.


Well I’ll be in boston on the 27th, I can go check out the location from the 10th fragment video, obviously I won’t be going inside, just casing the place from the outside.


May Thoth guide our steps and guard our hearts. You’re right. As usual.


I think @Marty.60 has taken on as much risk in that avenue as we can afford right now.