SOLVED Fragment Eleven: Durkonos


Marty, stay safe, and best of luck! Maybe I’m just rummaging around in extra tinfoil, but at this point, I’d say you’re definitely on their radar. Make sure to be careful how you approach this. You’re a good man, and a good friend to those who’ve been around longer than I.


What worries me is that Augie’s family didn’t respond to Marty’s attempt to reach out.


As horrible as it is to think about, I believe he may be in critical condition. I think whenever the voices in his head realized he was remembering, they did their best to stop it.


Can we not find out how he is?


I’m also afraid that they might have gotten to the innocent bystanders in this scenario. I can see why, maybe, they wouldn’t respond to an unfamiliar number. But it’s concerning. My only hope is that Augie is getting the medical care he needs, and that they’re with him.


They wrote me back.

I’ve been experiencing some strange things lately, and it all started with an accident I was in. I live in Boston. A car clipped me last week near my apartment. I hit my head pretty hard on the curb.

I signed so many agreements when I started work THERE, many of them are about not disclosing information about my job or what I see because it’s an ultra high-security research and development lab. You jump through so many high tech hoops to get hired. You have to take these weird video assessments with all these disturbing images… they track your eyes and scan your brain activity to see if you’re trustworthy, willing to be compliant… Weird, next level stuff. But I passed it all. I don’t remember too much else, and that’s the thing.

After the accident everything changed. A paramedic was checking me out and I started realizing I had two sets of memories. They wanted to take me to the hospital but I was beyond freaked. My employer wants to know about things like this immediately. But what I was remembering, and that I was remembering it now, scared the hell out of me.

I realized that when I leave there I don’t forget what I saw, but on the shuttle ride back to the city it all starts feeling unimportant. Like remembering a time you stopped to tie your shoes. It’s there but doesn’t feel like it matters. Something you’d never tell someone. Does that make sense?

But now my memories are conflicting. Not only am I starting to remember things, but I’m also realizing that my life here in Boston, my apartment, my driver’s license… it all feels familiar, but not.

I think they’ve done something to me. Maybe to everybody there. I think they have projects like this. I’m not sure. It’s like trying to remember parts of a dream.

You probably think I’m crazy. And maybe there is something wrong with me. But I don’t know who else to tell. And if they’re doing this to other people, something has to be done. I feel like I’ve been stolen from myself. The weird thing… I fell asleep with my laptop in bed and when I woke up the next morning the blog where I found your post was pulled up. But I don’t remember searching for it. I was too scared to put in the company’s name. But there it was, waiting for me. I took it as a sign to find you.

All I know right now is that I’m working on one particular project which isn’t active right now so I’ve had most of the week off. But they want me back on Monday because they’re ramping it up again.

I’m scared. Scared they’ll know about the accident and that I didn’t tell them. Scared they already know even though I’ve taken precautions to make sure they can’t track this to me. Scared of what I’ll see when I go back, and what I’ll remember when I leave. If I can leave.

HA. This all sounds so insane. When you asked about the company, did you imagine in a million years that this would be the response you’d get?


Eek! that sounds more than a little freaky!


The part about the blog I posted on just showing up on their laptop one morning… Aether moves in mysterious ways?


Some sort of Sweeper light applied on the buses, forgive the reference, but UNIT uses something like it for the Ultra Classified Black Archive.

Well done Aether for getting the researcher to us. I just hope he/she has the sense to act unfazed upon their return to the office, because KS won’t let them remember.


This is great news! Okay, a couple things I am noting:

  • List item Our mystery person has to go back on Monday so we may be on a time crunch to help them out. I don’t see KS taking kindly to whistle blowers.

  • I wonder if our mystery contact might be the Kendrick mentioned on Portencia’s page?

  • Or if they aren’t Kendrick maybenthey can get us in contact with them?

  • We need to get together a list of questions to ask them about KS.


I’ll respond now, let them know I believe what they’re saying and will respond later to buy time for you guys to come up with questions.


Questions I currently have:

  • Does the number 117-2 have any significance?

  • What are the 18 gates?

  • Does Project Sweeper or Wanderer sound familiar?

  • Have you ever encountered a young girl there? Possibly by the name Portencia?

  • Is there any way to gain access to more of KS internal files?


My question contributions.

What is Sweeper?

What is Wanderer?

Do you know of two adepts being held named Porentica and Climber?

If yes, can you get access to them?

I’d want to ask this person if they know Teddy, but I’m worried this turns out to be Teddy’s BFF or something, so let’s get to know them first.


From what point do they remember having two sets of memories, where does the divison start from?

What is their specialism, their field of science/ enquiry?

Has their employer had any computer trouble lately?

Have they had any projects abruptly stopped or changed lately, if so, what? Why?

Have they used any previous research dating from the 1990s? Has there been anything seemingly cyclical to this? If so, what details can they remember?

Are there any accommodation areas at their workplace? What are they used for?


Questions I have:

  • What kind of people work at KS? Do you notice any trends in the types of people they recruit?
  • Aside from your own experiences from the accident, have you noticed any changes in your workplace recently? Like people seeming particularly agitated or rushing to do certain projects?
  • Are the names Kendrick or Theodore Fallon familiar to you?
  • Are you familiar with The Cagliostro or Lauren Ellsworth? (I have to ask, the connection with KS and Cags is killing me)
  • Do you know of any people of interest to your company?
  • Has your employer mentioned anything about doors?
  • Are you working on the memory erasing project or something else? If something else, what?
  • Do you know about Project Sweeper or Project Wanderer? Can you find out who the projects were used on?


Do you know where the shuttle from Boston takes you? Where is their facility located or at least what major freeways/exits you use to get there?

What are your co-workers like? Do they ever talk about strange goings on at work?


The project he’s working on could be related to Aether if it’s been inactive for a week.

Some questions:

  1. What can he tell us about Projects Wanderer and Sweeper? What are the differences between them, when is one used and not the other?
  2. What is the workplace atmosphere? Are employees encouraged to collaborate, or allowed to socialize, or are they more strict about restricting opportunities for employees to potentially “overshare?”
  3. Does he know the names Climber and Portencia? Aether? Augernon?
  4. What does he know about the Mountaineers? (This may or may not be a safe question to ask.)
  5. Is he familiar with the name “Book of Briars?”
  6. Can he recall the route he takes to get to work? Familiar landmarks?
  7. What is the earliest point he can sense that his memories don’t converge? What are the most striking differences?
  8. Perhaps if you bring up some of the names from 117-2, like “Her a” or Va e" he may have some insight.
  9. Does he know anything about the history of KS? A company mission statement, history of company executives, what his supervisor’s name is?

I have a ton more, but it would be wise, I think if we are picky about what we ask. We don’t know him, and he may be put in danger by what he shares with us. Or worse, whatever potential conditioning left in his mind might cause problems for him as it did for Augie.


Hence mine were more general, hoping that he volunteers information we need, rather than us giving him anything he could report back to KS.


That’s some pretty solid Intelligence Collection technique, lady :wink:.

I am brainstorming, threw out a number of options in the event that it turns out this guy is legitimate, and becomes a trustworthy source

I admit that I’m… becoming impatient. Sitting idle when someone may be in danger, especially given all that’s happened in the past few days, doesn’t suit me well.

And I worry that Marty’s just going deeper down the rabbit hole, if you’ll pardon the expression. He’s taking all the risk upon himself. That doesn’t sit well with me, either.


I agree with @MissEvans. We should probably take this slow and not bombard him with questions just in case this person’s working for KS. Or we scare him away by accident.