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The Making of The Monarch Papers - Episode Eleven

Did anyone get any sound off the video Aether just did? I didn’t, and I am wondering if it was just my computer


I can see on the backend of the youtube channel that it’s still processing…

Here’s the link for when it’s finished:


No sound here either. There’s lots of flashes of interference here and there, maybe something is in them like the first pictures Marty took had.


Yeah, I am just starting to rewatch it, and I will take a look at any stills I can get


I didn’t hear sound either. But can hear Mr. Creeps now in the final processed video.


I think I saw the outline of a shoulder to the right in some of the coloured bits. Maybe this is a webcam feed?


Well then, I suppose we have a name for Creepy McKidnapper now. Teddy.

I took some screenshots of the distortions but I’m not seeing anything right now. Gonna try to watch it a few more times just to see if there’s anything in there.


I don’t know what’s with it but I can’t watch it. The audio just really hurts my ears, gives me a headache. I don’t think I can help yet.

All I can say is, this doesn’t sound like Aether.


Only just watched with audio, when I saw on yt there wasn’t any. I think it’s likely that what we’re seeing on the screen is magiq interfering with some kind of technology, just like we saw in that photo before. It makes sense as the audio’s events signal that something is happening at those times.


So either he made it or they pulled the plug before he could get in. I guess we won’t know unless we hear something more. Gonna try to listen to the audio more clearly to hear what Teddy was saying as the distortion increased.


It seems that way to me as well.


Anybody think that the visuals are maybe a representation of the “door”? Kinda looked like a grey corridor at points.


I am no audio engineer, or even remotely knowledgeable in the area, but when the voice gets particularly distorted around 2:52, is there anyway to clean that up at all? Slow it down, etc.

@Leigha - I see you just posted about this, thanks!


I might know a guy who could do something with it, lemme ask him.


Was Aether being held somewhere? Why didn’t they want him to get out…this is strange, I feel like he may be being held captive for some type of experiment.


K, so my friend can’t help with that audio. But from what I know I’d suggest messing with the speed pitch and bass in something like audacity.
Don’t think a visualiser will do much.


@LightofLife, you’re absolutely right. Aether was abducted by Kemetic Solutions so they could mine the power of his… power. If you click the blue summarize button over on Fragment 10 it should catch you up on what happened over past couple weeks. Great instincts! :mag_right: :nerd:


Aether was kidnapped by Kemetic Solutions, sometime in November. We learned from the livestream he did last week that they are keeping him and two others in an underground facility of some sort. We also learned from a video Aether altered with his power that he was kidnapped at a meeting with Teddy - the same guy who’s voice we hear in this new video.


I’m on the audio guys, just give me some time. I’m rolling through the filters now.