SOLVED: Fragment Eight: MAGIQ! (Calling The Corners)


I wonder what DG has to say about all this. Will she freak out? Most definitly. Will she help us help her? God I hope so!

Anyway I’m with @Revenir on this one, they are probably trying to summon something, and it doesn’t seem particularly friendly. The question remais. Why is Cags trying to summon something at all? And how will it hep him/them?


New info

You’ve nailed the intonation and rhythm. That’s what changed over the course of your experimentation.

The actual verse translation is perfect or near-perfect because even replaying these files near the pieces… they start bleeding energy.

Do you think they knew what they had? The people who built this? What they’d tapped into? Or were they just knocking on walls and found a hollow space? Did they stumble on magic? There’s so much I want to know, the histories, the veil, what happened to the world, why we can do these things and other can’t? You were adept even before you became The Cagliostro. How? What is The Cagliostro?

I know you’re sleeping now, dreaming of a golden palace lit by a million candles. Something from your past?

I wonder where you are. You walked most of last night in the snow, up the side of a black mountain. My own legs ached this morning.


Whoops, that totally went over my head. :sweat:

Do we have thoughts on some of these words by the way?

Mythelismus - Google came up with nothing - maybe a magimystic word…?
Kemetide - Kemet means black-land in Egyptian. Kemetism is also the name for the ancient Egyptian religion?
Orid - I have no idea on this one. Couldn’t find any mention in Egyptian mythology.
Ra-El - Ra being an Egyptian god and El being a Canaanite deity.


Black soil was considered really good in Egipt since it’s the only place you can actually grow crops. The black soils are near the Nile and that’s why they are black. So maybe a reference to fertility?


Personal boundaries. The only thing Lauren respects even less than public library fire safety codes.

@Revenir And @Ricardo You know what your Egyptian analysis reminded me of? The company that hosts Cags email and file share. It’s Kemetic Solutions.

That can’t be random coincidence. Very interesting.


I noticed that as well. It’s too much of a coincidence to be just that.
I was also thinking about the last lines of the incantation: [quote=“Robert, post:170, topic:404”]
We bring forth the beasts combined
Could this mean we must combine the name of all four beasts mentioned in some way?


Someone noticed it quite a time ago. If I’m correct, company/organization doesn’t exist, or at least you can’t find it on google by image searching the logo

My thoughts? “kemetide” could represent the waters of the nile turning the soil black. It could mean some kind of renewal (or rebirth) since the land would dry up and you couldn’t grow anything in it unless the river had flooded it. Could also mean a tide of black soil, like being buried. Maybe I’m just looking at it weird.


No word from Deirdre yet, just a heads up. She was talking about going upstate either this week or next week to check out book stores, maybe that’s where she is? I’ll let you know when I hear from her. Creeps me out having this envelope here. Lauren isn’t going to come looking for it in Hoboken is she?


I doubt it. She doesn’t know to look for it aND she’s kinda busy anyway. Hope deidre is okay.


Honestly, I don’t know. God I wish we knew more, I’d feel better if we could secure your home with wards, I feel protective magic is something Gossmere once excelled at, and if I had their old spell books I would try, but they too are lost.


@CRSumner I wouldn’t worry too much, I don’t think she has any idea that the letter even exists and Cags told her to not have much faith in the book so you should be A-OK. For now at least!


Makes me wonder if that’s what’s really stopping us. I know we’re all being thrown into this and the best resources history had to offer aren’t exactly at our disposal, but these spells didn’t just exist from the start, right?

Maybe we can try to pioneer somewhat as we work towards figuring this all out. We could start small, make some little spells or enchantments here and there, get a feel for what we can do, the. Work our way up from there. It could take weeks, months, or years, but who knows?

Just my musings.


That’s one of the ideas behind the campfire. Using creativity to see what magic we can work. But it’s a great idea.


I’ll be poking my head around there a little more, then. Is there any particular thread I should be looking to?


Nope looks like you are already doing great know there. I loved the poem!


I like the idea of creating our own spells. It could be cool to make spells that require several people and make it a group thing.

If no one can tell, I’ll be focusing on Community Magic. Also Choremancy (I wonder if I can make a spell that washes dishes)


Truly the most mileage to be had of any spell would be a dishwashing one.


I just went to the email account and all the folders are empty… What do you think happened??


All the emails are gone but the file index is still intact.


Did they find out we were spying on them?