SOLVED: Fragment Eight: MAGIQ! (Calling The Corners)


So I think now we all just need to take a firm focus on the object we are facing, repeat your phrase of the Calling of the Elements and…magiq.

As a reminder the order goes.

@Brendon Weatherwatch: Light - BC, Canada. faces

@Mike Flinterforge: Ore - Los Angeles, USA faces

@Chordie Thornmouth: Thought - Lakeland, Florida faces

@Megadraco Ebenguard: The Tides Buenos Aires, Argentina. faces

@Crytter Gossmere: Aether - Germany, near border to France faces

@Kelsey Balimora: The Wild - Somewhere in Canada who faces Brendon

Unless someone thinks we’ve missed something. I think we’re ready for @CRSumner.


So, are we going to try and do this as close to simultaneously as we can?


Shouldn’t have to do it simultaneously. We just have to do it when we can. Very preferably before Cole and Deidre talk. So sooner is better, but timing isn’t hopefully an issue.

Each line of the hexagon can be drawn in any order at any time. As long as they are all drawn and drawn forcefully from one corner to the next.


I can do mine right now, then. Focus on facing my object at the next, repeat the relevant section of Calling?


I have repeated my section of the Calling of the Elements with my calculator in hand, while facing south and thinking of the Whiskey Stones. I will keep my calculator with me until Deidre and Cole have done their thing


Edit yes. My reading error. Just repeat the words, yes. :slight_smile:


Done. There aren’t laws against performing magic in the presence of a minor, is there?


Nah, just like there are loopholes in the laws about stealing something that a library doesn’t actually know exists. Right @Kelsey?


Done as well, faced West towards stalker Brendon and his calculator.


It is done. Sending all my Thought (and love) to Buenos Aires


Do you think we should have video taped these?


Damn, that would have been a good idea. If the grounding fails for some reason, we can always tape them on round two :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve done my part already. Held my watch, facing northeast, and recited my part of the Calling while focusing on @Crytter’s magimystical construction. I’ll try to keep it on me from now on.


They did these spells before video recorders so I’ll assume not required. Might not even show up if recorded.


Fair enough. Now we wait on Cole and Deirdre.


Is it fair to assume @Crytter did their part? I don’t think we got a message saying they did or not. And I believe we are now past the time they said they would be online for


I don’t know that it is, but I hope they did. Considering the degree of effort they went through to set up the item, I would think it’s a fair assumption that it was done.


Hey, yes I did but now have to log of. I will take the crystal with me - I think I will dream of magimystical hexagons :wink:


Have a good one! Guard the crystal well


I’m too late I know but I’m a Goss