SOLVED: Fragment Eight: MAGIQ! (Calling The Corners)


One could argue that she technically is, if you draw lines around the perimeter of the points, New York falls within the shape. Also, if you want in for “Light”, you can. I am at work right now, so my selection of “Light” objects that resonate with me are quite slim


So, thought is more than simply knowledge, right? I was gifted something by a friend across the country six years ago that I might remember her. It’s a jacket, that I wear to this day.


Memories are a fine form of thought, I’d say.


I’m at work to so it’d be 4 or so hours before I could do anything either. Keep Light and if it’s an emergency I can think of something.


Sounds good. I will do the same. Keep thinking of what’s around my office


Maybe something you carry? A photograph maybe? That’s just paper exposed to light, right?


So making a shape as @Chordie points out that would go.

@Brendon Weatherwatch: Light - BC, Canada. faces

@Mike Flinterforge: Ore - Los Angeles, USA faces

@Chordie Thornmouth: Thought - Lakeland, Florida faces

@Megadraco Ebenguard: The Tides Buenos Aires, Argentina. faces

@Crytter Gossmere: Aether - Germany, near border to France faces

@Kelsey Balimora: The Wild - Somewhere in Canada who faces Brendon (That way you can keep an eye on your stalker)


I just realized I actually have a solar calculator here that I have been using for a couple years at work, and then through university on top of that. And then on top of that, it was my parents far before it was mine. Can’t think of much better than something that relies on light to function

EDIT: This calculator has been through thick and thin with me haha. Which is weird. I should probably just stop talking, because now I am going to be known as the stalker who has a weird relationship with his calculator :sweat_smile:


So, we have the layout and tentative ideas for some objects. How do we intend to execute once we’ve got the pieces in place?


I have a “whiskey stone” my mother brought back from a trip to Ireland. It’s a smooth rock she found that the locals told her was often used as whiskey stones. not sure if that’s true or if someone was having a laugh at the yank, but it’s a thoughtful gift sitting here on my desk and should work for Ore.


Photo of my “ore.”


Well we’re winging this here, but here’s my suggestion.

  1. Post a photo if you can with the item in question, along with a brief description if possible. If you can’t post a photo a description will do.

  2. Say the section of the Call of the Elements spell that matches your element.

  3. ‘Face’ the person next in line to you. That could be by focusing on the location hey live in on the map, pointing your object in that direction (North, Northeast, whatever), or by focusing and getting a firm mental image in your mind of the object of the next person in line.

  4. Try to keep the object on you until DG is done.


Alright, I think I have my object for Wild.

It’s a Bastet cat statue that I bought at the British Museum and it’s made in Egypt.

I chose it for multiple reasons:

  • I find that cats, especially big cats, like leopards :leopard:, lions :lion_face:, and tigers :tiger2:, are some of the most extraordinary creatures on the planet and the epitome of wild animals
  • Cats have always had a significant meaning in my life (I have cats at home and they are important members of my family, plus I volunteer for a cat rescue organization)
  • Cats of all kinds represent, to me at least, the untamed, courage, power, danger, and beauty - all characteristics that fall into the Balimora category
  • Cats have incredible intelligence, and the ability to charm and deceive (more Balimora characteristics)
  • Finally, this statue means the world to me because my dad bought it for me while we were in Europe for our first time ever, I have a love of Egypt and egyptology, and I love cats (crazy cat lady obviously :cat2:)

“Wild” enough?


I know it isn’t exactly directly related to thought, but instead to memory. This was given to me by a friend in San Francisco back in 2011 before I left. She told me it was so that I would always remember her and she made me promise that I’d come return it to her someday.

Evidently, I’ve not been able to do so yet, but perhaps that was a good thing after all…


Here is the calculator I talked about. As a solar calculator, it is dependent on light to function. It even says “Light Powered” in the bottom right corner. It has gotten me out of a lot of quandaries and quoting the “Weatherwatch” description, has helped me “challenge the words of my parents, teachers and elders”.


Here’s my watch. It was a gift from my mom after I finished high school, and it relates to the Tide of time, and indeed the archaic meaning of “tide” as a synonym of time.


I think that just leaves @Crytter and Aether and we are set… he says as if he has any idea what he’s doing


So here is my little Aether Setup: some feathers and smoke for the airy component and as symbol for the invisible wings and a clear crystal necklace to keep by myself after energizing it.

Inspired by The Guilds - General

Recruits are the best recruits.


Going for the magimystical approach. Nice


Oh my goodness. What in the friggin world have I missed. I’m gonna crap my friggin pants OH MY GODDDD. Okay, okay. I guess I’ll just sit back and watch this all go down. Need any help from a Thornmouth I’m right here.