SOLVED: Fragment Eight: MAGIQ! (Calling The Corners)


Woah, that is some awesome thinking. I like it


That’s a great choice, @Megadraco. :ocean:


I’m going to guess the shape doesn’t have to be a regular hexagon, but it can’t hurt.

Also it got me thinking. ‘facing’ the next person might just mean focusing on them, or their object.

But hey, locations can’t hurt. I’m in Akron, Pennsylvania in the US.


Ugh. Nannying all day and I’m missing so much. I’m a Flinterforge in LA so if @Robert needs a punch hitter let me know.


I’d rather it be a guildie to match so you can have Ore!

Edit: I’ll float in case anyone else can’t do it.


Oh, probably doesn’t have to be a regular hexagon, it may even be able to have concave angles, but I still think it’s probably best if the figure’s borders don’t cross over each other. I have a feeling that might be… Bad.


So we have

@Brendon Weatherwatch: Light - BC, Canada.

@Crytter Gossmere: Aether - Germany at Border of France

@Mike Flinterforge: Ore - Los Angeles, USA

@Megadraco Ebenguard: The Tides - Buenos Aires, Argentina.

@Chordie Thornmouth: Thought - Lakeland, Florida

@Kelsey Balimora: The Wild - Saskatchewan, Canada

We can figure out who faces who once we map everyone location and make a shape.


Hey, I´m not comlpletely sure about Aether because its quite hard to catch - but I have some feathers and incense materials, which could fit the theme.
I am in germany at the border to france.

But I will only be online for about the next two hours - so not sure if I can match Ds timing.


Oh sorry - thinking about my object and poking around for something. Saskatchewan, Canada for me.


Going to look a little creepy here… Judging by Kelsey’s profile, she is in Saskatchewan, so I will throw that on the map I am making as well. Chordie doesn’t have theirs posted, and Crytter just responded with Germany


I think as long as your part is finished in time, that should be fine, yes? The “facing” part could be the location of the object or your intention, not that you all have to be facing each other when you perform it? I know I’m making a few assumptions…


Stop stalking me Brendon!


Hey! Chordie here. New user limits are stopping me from replying, so I made an alt account. I’m in Lakeland, Florida.


@ChordieAlt, go back to your previous account, I’ll promote it to member!


Sullivan had his hex set up a full day before he cast his spell. I’m with Endri and I’d assume it’s not going to require split second timing here. Just set up the intention. Remember they used to do this before the internet. :wink:


Thanks so much, Endri!


You’re welcome! @Bash will fret that I dug around in the gears of the forum but eh…


You know, it isn’t perfect, but it is somewhat a hexagon. Pretty good if you ask me


Hmmmm, do we think she (New York) has to be inside the hexagon?


If so, we can go A->B->F->C->E->D->A