SOLVED: Constellations Fragments Nine-Twelve


Massive stretch but
“A heavy bronze breastplate was the most common form of infantry torso armour, usually in the form of a bell cuirass or linothorax”.
Lin-othora-x? Aothora?


Phalanx is also an Ancient Greek military technique.


The aorta is the main blood vessel from the heart to the rest of the body and travels through the thorax (aorthora). It’s commonly injured by Konos wearing/Gladius weilding soldiers in phalanx formation?


That works pretty well together.


Phalanx is also part of your fingers and toes if we’re talking parts of the body
gladioli is part of a breastbone


I am getting a very “protect the heart” kind of vibe.


I like where you’re going with this, however, the Aorta is one of the most well-protected arteries in the human body. If memory serves, after the aortic arch, where the brachial arteries branch off, it follows the spine down towards the lower extremities, with various arteries breaking off to bring fresh blood to other body parts as needed, before splitting into the iliac arteries. It would be very hard to injure with a gladius. One would need to almost sever the spinal cord to get to it from the dorsal side or carve through all of the internal organs on the ventral side. (Sorry for the rather gruesome image… but you get the point.)

So basically, assuming I understand this correctly, we have a military formation or strategy, a sword, a helm, and something referring to oneself. Could this be more figurative than literal? Is this a message telling us we need to gear up for a war? It almost seems to me like it’s telling us to prepare. Think about it. If you’re an ancient Greek or Roman soldier what are the things you absolutely need to go to battle? A plan, a weapon, and something to protect your body (helm), and your presence.



Oh, and I’m basically grasping at straws at this point. Does anyone else have any new intel to share?


I’m trying to look up Greek/Latin roots, see if the meanings come together to say something else, or see if there are extra letters that might piece together afterward.


I was also grasping at straws and partially answering tongue-in-cheek. I’m aware of the location of the aorta in the thoracic and abdominal cavities. The length of a gladius (1-2 feet) could, however, conceivably reach the aorta in a non-obese person, though the ventral aspect of the abdomen if driven with adequate force. I doubt this is the answer we’re looking for, though.


Okay, here comes a bit of a brain dump…
Some of this probably makes more sense than other parts, figured I’d better include all of it just in case.

g / ali-other / fa-say; speak / n(e)x-join; tie
gal(a)-milk / i-go / phan-to show; visible / x

gladi-sword / tor(n)-turn; rotate
gl / ad-movement to or toward; in addition to / it(er/iner)-again; journey / or-mountain; mouth

dur-hard / konos-cone (also a helmet)

a* / ot-ear / hor-boundary; hour / a*
a* / o®th-straight / ora-pray; plead

*a-away from; movement toward; in addition to


Just a muddled thought…you know ‘our’ background image on basecamp…of the mountain…anyone peered at that closely?

I don’t like how quiet it is. We’ve either missed something huge, or…



Is there anything else we questioned about being important? Maybe we could use that to help figure out what we need to do or should do next, if that is in fact what’s made things so quiet.


I’ve tried a few avenues to solve this but none have turned up any results. No arrangement of the constellations have made any sense, they aren’t anagrams, there is no commonality within the set of four words. I think we don’t have enough information.


In case any of you haven’t seen it, we got a long list of “possible celestial bodies” from a Librarian. Now we’re trying to figure out what they could represent.
Endri indicated they might point to physical locations, so we’re mapping possible locations to see if something comes up.


I am new to the Mountaineers and I would like to help in some way. Is there any way I could get caught up on what’s been happening in the puzzle?


The best I can suggest is to just read the thread from the beginning and so if you can catch up. I don’t have a mind for this sort of puzzle, but if you need any help, you can always ask me. I’ll probably be lurking in the campfire.


Someone mentioned connect the dots above, and that got me thinking. Most of these constellations are in regular connect the dots form, except Gladitor. It’s weird. So I attempted to alter Gladitor to the regular form, and I found it became a crystalline shape. This may be an unneeded detail but it is something I think was overlooked.


Have you tried adding the constellations into the stars on the picture? That could be something.