SOLVED: Constellations Fragments Nine-Twelve


I mean, we have no idea how far into the future Port went and we have no clue if Marty and Aether went through. So we kinda need to be patient.


What if the picture fragments changed?


So, generally speaking, now would be the time to take the magimystical assessment for the third lock. I can’t remember the time periods offhand, but usually after a couple weeks the book would send us an email about an assessment and then that’s what we’d do.

But…Well, the book’s mostly destroyed. So now there’s a question of if we can even do an assessment without the book. :sweat:

There may be something we can do with the constellations. With the first lock, we had to assemble the paper scraps to complete the exam. And with the second, we had to assemble the correct translation to complete the exam. It may be that we have to assemble the constellations in some way or find a connection with them in order to proceed.


Well… The book isn’t necessarily destroyed we still have right?


You’re absolutely right, but it’s mostly destroyed or otherwise out of commission. There’s a question of how much power the Book has left and my guess is, at the moment, not much.

I don’t mean that we’re done for good or anything, just that things are different this time around. We may need to take steps to repair the book or do the exam without it’s help, rather than waiting for the book to email us and guide us along the path, so to speak.


Maybe we could do a spell to somehow recharge the book?


Are we sure 100% sure they’re constellations?


Now that you say it, I guess not. I’m not sure what else they could be, though.


The dots…the lines…it reminds me of a connect the dots puzzles I would do as a child…you know the ones that made a picture?


That’s all that constellations are :grin: I feel like we’re still missing a piece of the puzzle.


Yes but constellations once the dots are connected don’t really depict anything…they just look like lines connected by random stars for a constellation to look like what its actually meant to look like you have to squint and make believe…where as with a connect the dots you follow the numbers connecting the dots in order and by the end of it an actual picture is formed…they don’t look like a Rembrandt by any means but with a connect the dots a flower clearly looks like a flower and with a constellations connectivity it’s more like a Picasso you have to squint at, upside down before you can reluctantly claim that you “kind of know what’s it’s supposed to be”


To be honest it was your using pictures depicted in the magiq guide that made me think that maybe they’re supposed to join together to form an actual picture as opposed to a random constellation lol


Hahah my connection to the magiq guide is very much Picasso :joy: I think maybe there’s one more page to be added or changed so my theory works, so just waiting till the end of the week to see if the magiq guide gets a bit of a facelift :grin:


With everything that’s happened right as I got here, this seemed like the best place to try and poke around, see if I could be of any help (I’m a sucker for astronomy). This is going to end up being a bit of a brain-dump, so I apologize in advance if it gets long-winded (especially if it doesn’t lead anywhere).

Looking at these four constellations and the six on the new logo, it felt like they might be pieces to a larger constellation. (I’m sure someone mentioned it in the thread already)

Could also be pieces of several constellations, I know that some of the ones being compared in a thread re: the logo constellations are all part of the Hercules family of constellations.

Going through a bunch of them, I noticed that if Galifanx is turned over, it looks like Centarus’ head (in the Hercules family).

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to Photoshop or similar. Maybe someone else could see if any of the other three fragment constellations or the six logo ones match up? It looked like the fifth going left to right on the logo might.

Gladitor reminds me of the symbol for Saturn. I did some digging into mythology (going from Roman to Greek since I’m a little more familiar with that set of names), and his symbol is a scythe/sickle/harpe; the harpe looks (with some creative license) like it could be Gladitor.

The bottom part of Durkonos reminds me of Cassiopeia or Lacerta (which is sometimes depicted as a smaller Cassiopeia with more squiggles off the end).

Aothora looks kind of like Crater but not quite.

And for now, I am spent.


12 tasks of Hercules…


We are SOL right now. We’re coming up blank. We need one, solid, concrete place to start from. If there’s anywhere left to start from.

I’m guessing everyone else is like me, checking in to see if we’ve had any contact from Marty or the others and going again.


We really do need to figure out if everyone’s safe and what out next steps are.


Big big think:

Gladius is an ancient Roman sword.

Konos is an Ancient Greek Helmet (Durkonos)

Phalanx is a military defensive formation, used by the ancient Gauls (galifanx)

Any advances with these?

SOLVED: Phase 3 Assessment: Fletcher Dawson

I can’t think of anything offhand, but maybe we should take a look at the ninth fragment? It’s the only one that really dealt with constellations, and I remember there was a mythology aspect.


I’ve not nothing either sorry MissEvans… But it’s a bit funny how we all can find a rule that works for three of them but not all of them.