SOLVED: Constellations Fragments Nine-Twelve


So (I wasn’t around, more veteran voices can correct me), for the first key, the fragment was scraps of paper which were pieced to make a recipe. For the second key, the fragments were tiles that fit together in a certain configuration to make the Tetrahedron. This third key are constellations - how do constellations fit together? Contiguous portions of sky? A way to navigate to a destination? To ascribe personality traits to people born in different months of the year? How else are constellations used?


Constellations are primarily storytelling, specifically mythology. Every constellation we know in our realm has a mythological story attached to it. Of course we don’t know what stories might be attached to these.

Just as we began the constellation fragments we started an exploration of the constellations on the Basecamp logo. I don’t know if it has anything to do with these constellations, and we never really got anywhere with it, but it’s here if anyone wants to have a look.


I’ve been wondering if these constellations either
a) fit together to make a new single constellation, or
b) create a path/pattern in the sky leading to a final answer


I’ve googled I’ve rearanged, I’ve puzzled but it’s got me stumped… the only thing I can think of is if there’s a page of the brias and the points of the star would need to be pressed in a specific order or something but until we can fix the book…


The other fragments fit together outside of the book.I can’t help but believe these do, too.


We’ll all keep poking at it


What if these constellations are parts of real ones?


Fairly certain there isn’t one that looks like Durkonos or even has a bit that looks like it.

There are 88 constellations in our sky, btw.

We don’t seem to have a reference point for them right now. They’re beyond the veil, or something lost, or…


Durkonos looks like Cassiopeia if you take away the arch…well kind of lol


Actually, I thought that too.


Going out on a massive limb here but…

And Aothora

Got an idea about Durkonos but not happy with it and no idea about Gladitor




Holy crap, Sky, that’s an amazing find!


@Skylad this is brilliant!


What @Leigha said really resonated with me. Even if it’s not the answer to joining the fragments together, why don’t we tell each other myths about these new constellations over at the campfire?


Did anyone get anything from watching the video frame by frame?


We found Aothora


Haha oh yeah! Sorry I’m just anxious to hear something…to do something


Do we have any real actionable items at the moment?
I am super anxious with how everything has gone.


Nothing we’re aware of, no. Unless there’s a task out there we have yet to notice. That’s happened from time to time, but so far we’re just recovering and waiting with baited breath for Marty and co.