SOLVED: Constellations Fragments Nine-Twelve


Continuing the discussion from FOUND: Fragment Twelve: Into Hell - Aorthora:


Galifanx frag 9 Gladitor frag 10 Durkonos frag 11

Aothora frag 12


@Revenir is this how you do it??? Never had to do this before


It’s perfect! :grin:


Well … lots has happened

Thought I’d post this here …

So the book is burned.
There’s uncertainty as to whether we can unlock the next part of The Book while it’s in this state.

How do we repair The Book of Briars? Where do we start?
Can the Book even be repaired?
Do we need to repair it? We created and effectively did Magiq today. Loads of us thought the Book was a spell this whole time. Can we discover that Spell without it?

Lots of thoughts after today.

I would also like to point out that, yes, the Storm came and destroyed part of the Book and we don’t know if all our friends are even alive and KS is probable long gone, BUT despite all that, we’re still here.
The Storm came and wiped out the '94 Mounties. Augie and Augernon were the only remnants. They were done.
We are all still here. All of us Mounties. I think that’s what the Ocular Eye was saying when it told us we were the strongest group yet.

We chose Hope with the Eye, Mounties, not Despair. Don’t forget that. Never give up.


I gave the live stream another listen last night, and something doesn’t sit well with me:. Why was Martin yelling at Aether at the end, and sounding pretty angry? It leads me to believe Aether did something brave and foolish. It also makes me wonder which side of the veil he ended up on - our’s or the Council’s. I think Portentia, Climber/Alison and Martin probably all crossed, I’m not so sure about @xxxxaetherxxxx.


If Aether made copies of all the data, maybe he copied himself. If we could find the data, we have a chance at finding him and the rest


I think you’re right. I got the impression Marty was yelling at Aether because Aether was trying to do something to hold Teddy and/or the storm back so the others could escape.

The last fragment appeared right at the time Marty yelled ‘Jeremy’ (Aether’s real name). Maybe Aether escaped into the computers at the last second. Don’t know.


It probably isn’t relavent but the book of briars appears more wind torn to me then burned…like worn away by sand as opposed to burnt edges…

And I agree…I wonder where everyone ended up…I hope we hear something soon…


Has anyone reversed the Audio?


Yes, and @Revenir was kind enough to post a transcript here:


I’ve been thinking about these constellations. They don’t match any in our world (even from other cultures, like “dark cloud constellations”), so I’m assuming they are in the sky on the other side of the veil. Do we have any maps or pictures to reference from previous fragments?

I tried matching them to the stars on the left side of this page, but nothing jumped out at me:

Any other thoughts?


Durkonus looks like Cassiopeia…and look what I found when looking it up

Reference to it being a pac-man cluster…probably just a coincidence…

Gladitor reminds me of Crux or the southern cross…


As far as I’m aware, nothing with constellations or maps in the last two assessments. The animal fragments from the second assessment did seem to have a bit of a cosmicky background, but that’s about all I can think of.


I’ve been thinking about the names of the constellations both because I can’t think of any other leads at the moment and also because I need something to work on to cope with everything that has happened.

So the only thing I can come up with for Galifanx is it’s possible connection to the prefix meaning “rooster” which is also “gali” and we have established this before with Galluskulk.

Gladitor seems fairly self-explanatory. Gladitor sounds a lot like “gladiator” and the constellation looks like a sword. Easy enough.

Durkonos was interesting. Dur can mean firm or stable as in “durable” but “durko” is also a Czech name meaning farmer. “Nos” typically has to do with knowledge as is “know” or “gnosis”. To me the constellation looks like a sunrise over a mountain so perhaps it’s a constellation about or important to farming?

Authora is another tricky one. “Au” tends to mean “to yourself” as in “auto” and “thora” relates to the body. Also if you squint and don’t try too hard you could say it looks kind of like a person? So maybe it’s a constellation of a person. Or something.

I might be going crazy.


The most recent one reminds me of “aorta,” the main channel of blood from the heart to the body.


It sort of looks like one as well. And that would relate to the bodily meaning of thora.


So a rooster…a farm or sun rising…a fighter…and oneself…

At the sign of a Rooster, a rising sun, a fighter will rise/show oneself? At least that’s where my mind went…also interesting side note it is the year of the rooster this year…

Could the number of “stars” mean anything? (5, 6, 6, 6)


Aothora looks like the middle part of Cancer (or maybe even Hercules) to me.


Perhaps each constellation is associated with the animal and plant from their respective order in their phase? Like maybe the fraylilly is typically associated with the creature Brachursis and the constellation Galifanx, Eye-of-the-moons with Galluskulk and the constellation Gladitor, and so on?

It could be that in order to assemble the book or find the next fragment, we need to look at all of the past phases as a whole narrative and not as separate or disconnected chapters.