So What Now?


The Book of Briar’s has been opened, no more fragments and assessments (that I know of) and Deidre and Cole have gone off to Neithernoor. What are you doing now? Researching new maqic? Trying to find an entrance into Neithernoor? Eating pizza? Personally, I’m trying to find an entrance into Neithernoor, I mean look at the place!

It’s gorgeous! While I do so, I’m try to find a spell to get a familiar to help me. What’s your thoughts?


I’m taking a well-deserved break from intrigue, mysteries, conundrums and the like; I think that if my wife catches me on Basecamp for one more night she might snap my phone in half with her bare hands.

That is, until the next adventure.


Also, if any @Balimora wants to join once we get into Neithernoor, I’m going to go looking for the Castle of Vines.


If you go, ill send some kit with you. Im not staying in there but ill make a temp room there for when i need it


I’ll do my share of adventuring, but not for extended periods of time.


Is Castle of Vines the (or rather one of) the Balimora guild house? I liked the sound of it.

Mostly I’ve watched the video in the book like 6 times today. And I keep having to remind myself I don’t need to check the lostAentheum or fletchers site daily for changes anymore. It’s going to be a hard habit to break.

After some internal brain rewiring. I’m looking forward to the next adventure with you all.


I think it’s the main hall, but I’m not entirely for sure. And I have the same problem. Not needing to check the forum every couple big hours for a Fragment update is hard to break.


Ebenrest looks like Edoras and Minas Tirith had a baby, and I love it.


I’d be interested in coming with.


It has to be in the pages that flip in the video. That’s where it will tell is.


I’m planning to drink a lot of tea and crochet until I recuperate. That was a lot of everything and I need a rest.


The End of the book of briars, the beginning of something new.

now to find Sentinel’s Rest, and search its halls. Ebenrest awaits.