So, Time Travel


Feed me thine thoughts, my magimystical kin!


I generally disagree with the idea of time travel, unless it’s forward in time. I don’t believe that going backwards is possible, but it definitely makes for some interesting literature and media.

In regards to going forwards, I read somewhere at some point that if someone were to circumnavigate the earth at lightspeed, they would theoretically be able to jump forward in time. Still, that sounds too weird to me to be made true. I need more science!

What’re your thoughts? Want to bust out some science?


I mean technically if you go back in time your past becomes your future and your future becomes your past


See, this right here? This is why I see time travel and I’m like, “No. Nope. Nooooooooooooo-”.

But I mean, if it lets me play games early :smirk:


As the great doctor said “Timey Whimey stuff”


Then there’s the whole paradox thing and changing the future with butterfly effects.
Wibbly wobbly stuff to be sure!


Don’t forget alternate dimensions caused by branching timelines!


And what decides which future, of many possible futures, you go to if you travel forward?


You have to know how to map dimensions so you could predict the most likely future based on the past and current events


There’s definitely something to be taken from relativity here. The two base premises I’d like to address are physical and experiential.

The speed of light is constant, no matter what your frame of reference is. That means that if you’re moving in a frame of reference with a light source, you’re experiencing time slower than someone who’s not moving in that frame of reference with that light source; the closer to the speed of light you get, the more everything slows down for you.

Also, it feels the same for a 5-year-old to wait for 15 minutes as it does for a 10-year-old to wait 30, a 20-year-old to wait an hour… it has to do with what percent of your current lived experience that amount of time is.

As far as other types of time travel go, the existence of the Mandela Effect is evidence for two-dimensional time: like @Rimor referenced, the sideways motion of different timelines effected by different divergence points on a forwards/backwards timeline.


Well if that doesn’t break @TheMadHare then I don’t know what will :laughing:


I totally resonate with the thought of dimensional shifting, although time travel (at least backwards) seems highly improbable.

If anyone has seen Interstellar (who hasn’t by now?) they did a little bit of fourth dimension play which was cool. But in that context it was assumed that time is just as easy to bend as space. And I doubt either are as easy to bend as the movie implied.

Or that both would even flex in tandem. Who knows really what exists beyond the dimensions we can perceive?


I haven’t seen interstellar but my personal thoughts on time travel are pretty simple.
To preface: I have terrible memory. I often remember things that didn’t happen in the way I remember, and I often don’t remember things that did happen, or thoughts I had. I’ve never felt connected to time. I find it hard to conceptualise, which is weird, considering that one of my whole things is my ability to conceptualise things visually. I find it hard to read clocks. If someone tells me it’s 3 o’ clock, I couldn’t tell you what kind of light there should be outside (not without pausing for a good long while to remember what daylight looks like haha). Time is weird.

Time travel, however, is pretty simple. In order to travel in time, an anchor is needed. This anchor can only exist once time travel has been invented, but is also necessary for time travel to be invented. Bit of a catch 22, but hear me out. Time travel can exist for as long as the anchor exists. Like a zip-wire, you can push yourself backwards or forwards, but only for the length of the rope. Perhaps, by the time the anchor is gone, a new, better anchor has been made. Like changing trains, you move to that new anchor. If the anchor hasn’t been made, however… The second the old anchor stops existing, you can’t travel through time anymore.

Because without the anchor, going back or forward any length of time more than a few seconds would drop you off in space, since the earth is constantly in motion. Those are my thoughts! :blossom:


One thing to take into account is that our concept of “time” is relative to our planet.

Another concept to think about is that we are simultaneously in the past and the future in the present moment.

Now, consider this: our perception of time is relative to our awareness/intelligence. When we are children, five or ten years is a lifetime. But, as most of us advanced in age can affirm, 5-10 years is a blink of an eye. In that sense you can imagine to an eternal, omniscient being, time is so either fast or irrelevant and it stands still as NOW, the single present moment when all exists at once, which, we know through astronomy, happens as light!


That’s another mind-bender to consider. Decision! As for futures, each one of us has many possible future paths based on our decisions!


It probably doesnt count, but I have time traveled in dreams.
In one very peculiar instance, I was with a group of people standing on some bleachers. Then somebody “in charge” would take raw meat and pass it in front of our faces. Some how the scent of the raw meat would make us “feint” and see flashes of light. Then we’d fall out of the sky into the past like in Time Bandits :laughing:


I believe CJ also has some sort of time travel dimension hopping nonsense in his books :laughing:


Wouldn’t we need faster than light travel for time to stand still? Light still exists in time; that’s why when we look at a star, the light that reaches us from it is from the past- it took time to get to us.


If you look at yourself in a mirror, you’re looking at a past self…



That all depends on perception.
If you want to see possibilities, you’re looking at your future self. Or, you’re looking at another dimension self if you see yourself differently than you really are. But then this strays into spirituality and manifestation energy.